A Recap of Jay Bruce’s Career With The New York Mets

Jay Bruce is one of the most popular players in baseball which is one of the main reasons why he commands a startling ten million dollar annual salary. For that amount, you would want to be worth every penny. Hence, this person performs at a high level for all the teams that he has played. One of them is the New York Mets as he played for them twice in his career. He played for a full year during the 2016-17 season then again the year after. Apparently, the team thought they wanted him back after he left as a free agent so they traded for him. His stats showed how important he is to all the teams he played. It is no wonder he played for quite a number of years for the Royals. He is only 33 years old as he is currently enjoying the peak of his career. It is safe to say he has piled up a large sum of money over the course of his playing career. It won’t be long before he hangs up his baseball boots for good and enjoys the rest of his life with his family or whatever it is he likes to do. Off the court, he jived with New York celebrities. He made various talk shows and radio show appearances in order to spice up the upcoming games of the Mets. We all know how popular baseball is and it does not really need the hype but Bruce just likes to go to those shows and talk about the games he has been in.

Jay Bruce is no stranger to being written about by columnists and reporters who are covering the Mets. He always treats them the right way as he is not one of those players who are mean to reporters. He always treats the Mets coaching staff right away as he wants to know how he can improve his game even at an old age. As always, he would want to be in the mood for stuff that would benefit him in the long run. For example, you would be invited to a ton of events in New York and Jay Bruce would show up in a great suit and a hot date looking all classy. You can bet the sleazy photographers would come in and take lots of pictures with them. Another thing to discuss would be his hitting and fielding stats to be great when he played for the Mets. He did not seem to be fazed with playing for the noisy crowd at the MetLife Stadium in front of New Yorkers who would want to bash you when the going gets tough. They would want the best players so they would get their money’s worth. As a result, they would scream at you when you are not performing up to the level that they were expecting. It is just one of those things that you will need to get used to as a Mets player.

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