A Recap Of The Best Hitters in New York Mets History

The New York Mets are one of the most storied teams in Major League Baseball so it is no surprise how a lot of famed players would want to play for that team. Darryl Strawberry is one of the first names that would come to mind when you talk about the best hitters in the history of the Mets and you are talking about a team that has been around for quite a while. Unfortunately, he has always a reputation for running in with the law all the time. As a result, his career was short-lived even though he has the talents to one day be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Mike Piazza was involved in one of the biggest Mets trades of all time and he did not waste time in showing the entire world how he is deserving of the opportunity given to him by the Mets coaching staff. His immense talent allowed him to show off what he is truly capable of. Of course, it won’t be long before the debate would rage on about other trades that would involve highly talented players coming into the Mets for a load of players plus draft picks. All those trades including this one had the Mets benefiting the most so you better go ahead and credit their GM for that.

David Wright is one hitter who continues to impress with each passing year due to his ability to improve all the time. He is in his prime and he keeps on improving his game. He certainly takes the coaches’ advice into heart whenever he steps foot into the baseball stadium. He gives it his all and it won’t be long before he hones his stats into a good one. Another player that deserves to be recognized as one of the best hitters of all time in Mets history is none other than Keith Hernandez. His acquisition proved vital for this franchise as it did not take long for them to know that they struck gold when they got him. He also showed his leadership skills as he motivated his teammates to improve his game. We all know that is a sign of a true leader who is good at what he does when it comes to going out and giving it all you got in the world of sports. Jose Reyes should not be left off the list and he is as good as they say he is when he performs at an elite level. When he comes to a free agent, you can expect him to land a fat contract and do whatever it is he wants with all his money. On the other hand, there is Hoard Johnson, a player who has proved all the doubters wrong when it comes to his style of play. He is pretty good whenever the coaches call his name. He won’t take failure as a sign that he is getting a bit old. Rather, he takes it as a sign that he needs to be better.

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