How Baseball Can Unite A Country In Times Of Hardship

There is no doubt that baseball is one of the most important sports in human history as it’s capable of moving lots of fans around the world for a single cause, enjoy a good match filled with passion and emotions through the whole game, and since there are lots of competitions and leagues, fans are not disappointed with the mechanics of the current baseball. However, what could happen if a country reaches times of hardship? Where people will be extremely angry or sad towards a single objective, what could something so popular as baseball could do to unite those people in these situations? It’s time to see how much is the impact of baseball is in modern society, stay tuned!

First of all, you should know that big sports leagues or competitions are capable of making special events in order to unify people with different standards thanks to the high love and enthusiasm that fans show towards that specific sport, and with baseball is not different at all, in fact, if the MLB decides to call every single one of the fanatics to a single point with one of the most famous teams in the competition then there is no doubt that hundreds if not millions of people will go to that location in no time, but when the situation is something more serious like times of hardship, what can they do? It’s very simple.

In the case that a country reaches a point of hardship situations, they can just arrange something with popular teams to boost local energies in their fans and furthermore to cause a domino effect in which the positive and happy energies of those fanatics will reach others members of society that will also boost others confidence and mental status, for that reason, special events are important because it doesn’t matter that you are from other teams, the objective will the same, having fun and supporting what you believe.


At first, it will be complicated since not everyone can forget those hardship moments, and then everything will be as good as ever, changes and adaptations required time, but luckily for everyone, baseball is capable of pulling some string to make society happier and boost the energies of everyone in no time, but they need to move carefully as doing a wrong movement in these situations can be extremely dangerous and instead of repairing or solving the problem, more issues ca appear and the situation will just get worse and worse, for that reason the MLB counts with professionals instructed in this social and political matter, they don’t know when they will require such knowledge.

So, in conclusion, it’s possible to unify a country not only with baseball but also with any other popular sport but the change will require time and also the events or dedicatories need to be well prepared and nothing will be made for greedy purposes or everything will go to a worse point and the country can get more sick, we are lucky to be living in this modern society where sports are more than enough to make peace with other people, let’s do our best!

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