Feb 14

Why Do You Love The Mets?

To acknowledge Valentine’s Day, I wanted to pose a simple to you: What made you fall in love with the Mets? When did your love affair from the team from Queens capture your heart and imagination?

Was it when you watched your first Mets’ game with your father? Or, was it your grandfather or brother? What do you recall from that day at Shea? What do you remember? Was there a memorable play? Did a player toss you a baseball? Did you catch a home run?

Maybe it was a player, and he didn’t have to be a superstar, either. I don’t blame you if your imagination was sparked by Tom Seaver‘s electric fastball. Maybe it was Dwight Gooden‘s? Or Darryl Strawberry‘s prodigious power? Or Bud Harrelson‘s slick glove?

Perhaps it was listening to soothing tones of Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner or Lyndsey Nelson. Or Gary Cohne, Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling. The Mets have always had tremendous announcers, radio and TV, that brought you closer to the game.

Growing up in Ohio, I visited family every summer in New York, and loved that all the games were on. I watched every inning of that 25-inning marathon against St. Louis. Every inning. I couldn’t turn it off. Of course, 1969 totally caught my attention. How could it not?

The trigger could have been anything, from walking into Shea for the first time to opening a pack of baseball cards and see Jerry Koosman or David Wright staring back at you/

I’d like to know what it was that made you fall for the Mets.

Feb 14

Feb. 14.10: Happy Valentine’s Day.

On this holiday about love I hope you’re all with your significant others. For some of us, our lives are made up of many loves, many passions …. and for the readers of this blog, there’s a passion to baseball and the Mets.

What is it about baseball that you love like no other sport? And, what is it that drew you toward the Mets and caused you to never let go? And, never will.