Dec 09

Hi folks ….

I had to make an executive decision today and it took me away from the Internet all day. My plan was to spend most of the morning in the press room blogging, then catch an afternoon flight out. However, I had to follow up a job lead early around breakfast, then when I learned the weather in Indy was going to turn rotten I bolted for the airport to beat the snow out of town.

When I was working I would have just stayed and not worried about it, but this was my dime and I didn’t want to have to spend another night at Indy and the additional expense. Purely, an economic decision. I thought I could blog from the airport, but that didn’t work out either.

Any way, I just got home. I wanted to say hello, sorry and I did have some good leads. Maybe something will pan out. Talk with you tomorrow.

Oct 05

Gooooood morning.

Good morning all. Hope this weekend is smiling on you.

It was fun last night. I didn’t expect that much talk on a Saturday night. It makes me feel good that people are responding to the blog. I can’t explain the Cubs. No curse. They just got waxed there was no bad luck. The series was decided with Game 2.

Off to get some breakfast. A veggie omelet. I like to put Tabasco and strawberry preserves on mine. I call it `sweet heat.’ Try it, you’ll like it.

Will spend much of the day sending out resumes and clips. This job hunting is a bear. Will have the playoffs and football on, and, of course, I’ll be monitoring on-line so feel free to drop a comment or two.

My NFL picks:

Chicago over Detroit
Green Bay over Atlanta
San Diego over Miami
NY Giants over Seattle
Philly over Washington
Carolina over KC
Baltimore over Tennessee
Indy over Houston
Denver over Tampa Bay
Dallas over Cincinnati
Arizona over Buffalo
NE over SF
NO over Minnesota

In the playoffs, I like the White Sox, Brewers and Red Sox.

Enjoy the morning. I’ll look for you this afternoon.