Nov 16

Why we watch ….

If you hung until the end of last night’s Colts-Patriots game, you know what sports is all about. Even when the outcome seemed clear – the Patriots couldn’t possibly blow a 17-point lead, could they? – there was enough time and talent on the other side of the ball to suggest a twinge of uncertainty.

There was greatness in blue, and the human element of error in judgment in gray that gave us a game for the ages and reminded us not to be so hasty to turn the channel.

OUR HEARTS: What's in that box of chocolates?

OUR HEARTS: What's in that box of chocolates?

We watch until the end because sports can be positively Gumpish, you don’t know what you might get. Just what is in that tightly wrapped package under the tree? Would it be the obvious, such as the Patriots giving up a meaningless touchdown or winning going away? Or, would we treated to the improbable, the unlikely, the surreal?

Would we be treated to a memory?

Last night we got the memory.

Last night was one of those nights that make you hang on and want to hope and dream. If the Colts are your team your faith was rewarded. If the Patriots are your team you felt anguish and amazement. Maybe you felt betrayed.
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