Aug 06

METS CHAT ROOM: Game #108; Brass on the trip.



Good evening. Tonight is one of those nights I wish I were still traveling with the Mets. Actually, there are a lot of them.

San Diego was always one of my favorite stops on the tour. Loved the weather and seafood. Great fish tacos. Four games in San Diego is sweet. Of course, it wasn’t for Willie Randolph last year when they lost a weekend full of heart breakers.

Interesting bit of news is Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya are on this trip. Last rites? Maybe they are doing what I suggested earlier and starting their evaluation process.

No, I don’t think they are going to sack Jerry Manuel at 3 a.m.

Livan Hernandez (7-5, 4.77 ERA) goes for the Mets against San Diego’s Clayton Richard (0-0, 1.59 ERA).

Here is the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Angel Berroa, SS
Livan Hernandez, RP

NOTES: Mike Pelfrey is now the proud father of Chase Michael Pelfrey. … Gary Sheffield’s hamstring is still barking. … Bobby Parnell is now in the rotation and will start Saturday. That was Pelfrey’s spot. Pelfrey will now start Monday in Arizona. … The Mets are ushering in Anderson Hernandez II. They reacquired the second baseman from Washington. … Jon Niese was placed on the 60–day disabled list and replaced on the roster by Elmer Dessens.

Aug 06

Try to salvage something from the season ….

Not that getting Jose Reyes back would’ve made any difference for this year, but the news of his scar tissue definitely puts a seal on the season for me. Let’s face it, he’s not coming back.

In light of this, the Mets should be start to become proactive on looking ahead to next season. Who does or doesn’t play should be determined by the blueprint for 2010.

Shutting down Carlos Beltran should also be seriously considered. Let him fully recover and not risk further injury.

I would also see what players I might swing a waiver deal for. Carlos Delgado? Gary Sheffield? Sean Green? Luis Castillo? If you know you’re not going to keep them, you might as well start stocking up for the future.

Starting Bobby Parnell isn’t a bad idea, especially since you know Jon Niese might not be ready for spring training to compete for a spot in the rotation. I might even consider using Oliver Perez out of the bullpen to get an idea what he could do in that role. Let’s face it, he’s not doing it as a starter. If they can learn something now, it better helps in their planning.

I’d also start thinking about spring training with whatever prospects are on the minor league level. If there’s somebody down there the organization is considering letting compete for a spot in the spring call them up now for a look-see. Why wait until Sept.1? And, it’s not exactly like the minor league franchises are competing for anything down there.

What is there to lose? After all, the season is already all but lost.

Aug 05

METS CHAT ROOM: Game #107; salvaging the homestand.

Hi guys. Sorry for the late post. I think, if you want to boil down last night’s game, it was the embodiment of all things wrong with the team this season.

Johan Santana, as usual, had a start in which he could have won wasted. The bullpen, especially K-Rod – high expectations gone sour? – let him down. And, let’s not forget about the failure to hit in the clutch.

On a night in which they needed their “A’’ game, the Mets came up with a C at best. Let’s face it, giving up a dozen runs isn’t going to win you many games.

There was a glimmer when Sean Green found it, but he’s lost it again, gone as far as Albert Pujols’ grand slam.

After winning three straight against Colorado to open this home stand, the Mets have hit another skid. Today’s game against the Cardinals is about salvaging the homestand.

This time, the hole indeed might be too deep. West Coast trips are never easy, and we know what happened the last time the Mets were in San Diego. Swept away, they were, and soon after Willie Randolph was gone.

Then there’s Atlanta and Philly looming again. Three weeks from now, they could be 15 games or more behind.

By that time, it might be time to consider shutting down Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran for the remainder of this lost season.

Aug 04

METS CHAT ROOM: Game #106; Pitcher’s duel.

We start off tonight with disturbing news, that Jose Reyes returned to New York to be re-examined by doctors.

This isn’t just a tight calf anymore. Hell, it hasn’t been a tight calf for two months.

I wrote this several weeks ago and it bears repeating, but the Mets should consider shutting down Reyes for the remainder of the season.

If they full further out of the race, the only thing that could be accomplished by playing Reyes is to showcase him for an off-season trade.

Other than that, what could be gained?

The Mets are home tonight to start a two-game series with St. Louis. Joel Pineiro (9-9, 2.84), who shut out the Mets earlier this year on a two-hitter, goes against Johan Santana (12-8, 2.96). Santana is 3-0 with a 0.43 ERA in his last three starts in Citi Field.

Lifetime, Pineiro is 3-0 with a 2.91 ERA in five starts against the Mets.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Alex Cora, SS
Omir Santos, C
Johan Santana, LP

NOTEBOOK: Carlos Delgado is doing some light running. … Nelson Figueroa is available tonight in the bullpen.

Aug 04

Next year’s rotation?

Looking at what the Mets are throwing out there these days, it’s not hard to envision few changes with next year’s rotation. Can’t we write off a blockbuster trade because of the lack of minor league depth, and because we know they aren’t going to make another $100-million signing? John Lackey they aren’t going to get.

So, we’ll have Johan Santana as the ace, the struggling Mike Pelfrey still trying to piece it together, Oliver Perez because you know they can’t trade him, Jon Niese vying for a spot and John Maine if he’s healthy and they even tender him a contract.

Then we’ll probably see a different version of Tim Redding and Livan Hernandez, although, with few other options, I can see Hernandez Part II.