Jun 17

Talking Jerry ….

A year of Jerry

A year of Jerry

Today is the one-year anniversary of Jerry Manuel taking over as manager of the Mets.

The Mets are basically the same place they were last year at this time, which is struggling to contend, but they are contending. It is very easy to say that had the Mets all their parts they could be in first place ahead of the Phillies. Losing Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, JJ Putz, Oliver Perez (the good Ollie) and John Maine has to amount to a handful of losses.

I’m not crazy about the inconsistency of the line-up, but I understand most of that is because of injuries. The use of some players has been puzzling, most notably Daniel Murphy. If you believe he’s your first baseman of the future, then put him there and leave him there. Scap the platoon with Fernando Tatis.

I’ve never understood the dynamic of his relationship with Ryan Church. Something isn’t right there. There are also some bullpen moves I don’t understand, such as sitting Brian Stokes for over a week.

Overall, he’s done more good than bad. They are hitting better with runners in scoring position – the numbers bear that out – but there seems to be too many instances of lackadaisical play, where balls aren’t run out and at-bats are given away. That has to get better.

Overall, what do you think of Jerry’s job over the past year. Do you approve? Disapprove? What do you like? What don’t you like?

Jun 16

METS CHAT ROOM: Game #62; O’s no pushover.



The Mets come limping into Camden Yards tonight losers of four of their last six games, including a 15-0 rout to the Yankees Sunday afternoon in Johan Santana’s worst outing of the season.

If the Mets think they’ll march into Baltimore and get well just by showing up they have another thing coming, because the Orioles can hit, and Mike Pelfrey has been very hittable lately, giving up 13 runs on 15 hits in his last two starts.

PELFREY: Trying to get on track.

PELFREY: Trying to get on track.

Manager Jerry Manuel has been accused of waffling on Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez; sitting them after saying they would play. However, both are in the line-up tonight even though they are struggling.

Here’s the line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Fernando Martinez, LF
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, DH
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Mike Pelfrey, RP

Updates: Jose Reyes doesn’t appear any closer to being ready than when he was first placed on the disabled list. … Gary Sheffield’s knee is still bothering him. Including tonight, he has three games where he can rest as the DH. … Johan Santana said there’s nothing wrong with him physically. Santana will get an extra day of rest before his next start, Saturday against Tampa Bay. If he comes out of that start with his velocity down, then maybe it might be time to be concerned.

Jun 16

No on dealing Parnell

The Washington Nationals’ Nick Johnson’s name keeps popping up as a possible plug to fill the first base hole, with the price being Bobby Parnell.

Don’t do it.

Parnell has too much of an upside and you can already see cracks forming in the bullpen bridge. Plus, Johnson has a long injury history, and from mostly freak plays, that he isn’t worth the risk. It’s a matter of time before he goes on the DL.

First base is a glaring hole, but not as much as the gap in their rotation.

Jun 16

Where’s the biggest hole?

I see where the tabs are calling for Omar Minaya to make a trade. So, what else is new? They are always calling for Minaya to make a trade.

But, which hole do you fill?

Do you go after a first baseman to replace Carlos Delgado and the impotent tandem of Fernando Tatis/Daniel Murphy? Delgado says he’ll be back this year, but there are no guarantees.

How about a shortstop to replace Jose Reyes, who apparently isn’t any closer to returning now than he was when he was placed on the disabled list? Alex Cora won’t hurt the Mets defensively and so far hasn’t been a offensive liability. Cora has been a fulltime player, but he won’t give them the spark of Reyes.

There’s always pitching. John Maine and Oliver Perez are on the disabled list. Mike Pelfrey has been erratic. They’ve gotten a lot from Livan Hernandez, but how long will that continue? They can’t count on big numbers from Tim Redding.

The Mets could contend with what they have at first and shortstop, but not if their pitching collapses. If they make a trade, and I believe they have to, it has to be adding pitching. I just don’t know if they have the chips to make a trade.