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John DelcosI’ve been writing for newspapers since high school and knew it would be my profession for the simplest of reasons: I wasn’t good enough to play.

I started this blog after being laid off by Gannett, where I worked the past ten years; three covering the Mets and seven on the Yankees’ beat.

With the email support I received I knew I had to continue the blog, and as I search for a new job, I am committed to keep this going.

Prior to New York, I covered the Baltimore Orioles for eight years, and before then the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns, and briefly the Pittsburgh Steelers..

The most historic moment I’ve covered would have to be Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig’s record and his lap around Camden Yards, and after that “The Drive’’ by John Elway. Covering the NFL back then, they let you on the field for the last five minutes of the game, and I walked the 98 yards behind the Browns’ bench. I must have learned three new curse words that day.

Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS; the Yankees-Red Sox Pedro-Zimmer fight in the 2003 ALCS; and the 2004 Yankee collapse are among my memorable baseball moments.

I try to forget as many of the 29 blown saves by the bullpen this year as possible.

I had a lot of favorites growing up: Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose and Tony Conigliaro. Yes, I’m an old guy. Among my favorite teams were the Brian Sipe Browns and Kevin McHale-Larry Bird Celtics.

I’m a sports traditionalist in that I loathe interleague play, don’t care for the DH, and would like to see doubleheaders and fewer teams.

PERSONAL LIKES: Followers of the blog know I like the Rolling Stones and old movies, with my favorite being Casablanca. … Pizza and barbeque are my comfort foods. … I’m a World War II history buff and count visiting the D-Day landing beaches as one of the most emotional and inspiring things I have ever seen. … I enjoy old TV sit-coms such as The Odd Couple, Hogan’s Heroes and Barney Miller. … And, you can’t pull me away from “24’’ and Twilight Zone marathons. … In my brushes with greatness among non-athletes, I’ve met Paul McCartney, Ted Kennedy, Meatloaf and Donald Trump. No, I haven’t met any supermodels.

OTHER PERSONAL STUFF: I’m divorced and live in Connecticut. I got custody of an 18-year-old Maine Coon cat. … I like quiet dinners, travel and walks on the beach … ooops, that’s another profile.

13 thoughts on “About John Delcos

  1. I view your job hunt with mixed emotions, John (like the old mother-in-law driving over a cliff in your new car routine).

    On one hand,I hope you find a new position which will bring you a good income and professional fulfillment. You’re a good journalist, and deserve that.

    On the other hand, if the new job involves anything other than the Mets, I’ll miss reading your blogs and the live chats.

    But I’m rooting more for your success than my reading pleasure.Hopefully, the two can co-exist. Good luck!

  2. Thanks John for posting your bio. Having read you many years, it is a pleasure knowing a little of the personal side. Love your wit and sarcasm. I wish you luck and agree with the last post that the Mets is a great place for you and will miss it if it works out that you are off to another city.
    Keep writing and blogging. You are different and special and we all appreciate that.

  3. Bill (1): Thanks. Your encouragement means a lot. Hopefully my search will enable me to stay around the Mets on a full time basis. If not, and I can make it work, I still have my credentials and will be around the team as much as I can and will try to keep this blog going.-JD

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  5. i’m new but i’ve read what you wrote..you write real well. i enjoy your site and plan on a few return visits. good luck with your job search. and casablanca is an awesome movie..here’s looking at ya..

  6. JD,

    I can’t tell you how pissed off I am at the Journal News for what they did to you. I recently sent them a letter about the pathetic coverage they give the Mets using AP wire stories or using Newsday articles, and of course, I got no response. They don’t even give them coverage when they are the home team and they win. Unbelievable.

  7. Dear Mr. Delcos,

    My name is Michael Allen and I work for SnagFilms, the largest online distributor of non-fiction films available for free stream. I would like to discuss a blog idea regarding the Mets; please let me know if there is an email address or other process by which we can connect. Thanks.

    Michael Allen

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