Van Wagenen And Wilpon Gloss Over Conflict Of Interest Issue

There are so many things a player could share with his agent, such as how long he intends to play; the minimum he would sign for; his thoughts on free agency and being traded; and whether he takes PEDs. The potential to violate a player’s confidences is great with an unscrupulous agent. There are other potential conflicts, such as how does he relate with agents he once competed with, and as an agent, he was privy to sensitive information, such as participating in MLB Players Association meetings last year.

The MLBPA can’t be happy with that and Clark did not return calls today asking for comment.

Perhaps the most powerful and influential agent of all Scott Boras, has doubts.

”The Boras Corporation stands for a total commitment to players, and while I have been offered many opportunities with teams, I would never violate the trust that I have with any player and that is very important to what I do,” Boras said. ”I am an attorney and I want [players] to tell me everything and a lot of these things are confidential, they are personal, and if I went to work for a different employer, I would have to divulge all that information because I have to do my job for that other employer I made a commitment to.”

Van Wagenen’s Mets’ clients include deGrom, Yoenis Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard, Todd Frazier, Brandon Nimmo and Robert Gsellman.

Signing deGrom and Syndergaard are top priorities. but Van Wagenen said his first priority was ”building a new process,” something he undoubtedly shared in great detail during the interview process but glossed over today. Van Wagenen said he broke down that process into 11 different parts, but again, didn’t share details. Of course, in all fairness, most detailed processes aren’t illuminated in an introductory press conference, and that wasn’t expected today.

Van Wagenen did say he wants Callaway to return as the manager and plans to meet with him this week, at which point he’ll be more brought up to speed on rebuilding the bullpen, and upgrading at catcher and first base.

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