Mets’ GM Search Hitting On No Cyclinders

Fred and Jeff Wilpon have promised autonomy in the past to GM candidates in the past, but it never materialized. They are saying they are offering it this time, but aren’t close to making a decision on a new hire and their dismal season ended just under three weeks ago.

Several reported candidates have even refused interviews because they don’t believe the hype coming out of Queens.

The whole process is dysfunctional. How so? The trio who shared the GM position last year after Sandy Alderson left – John Ricco, Omar Minaya and J.P. Ricciardi – aren’t candidates, but are in the interview process.

I still haven’t figured out how that works.

Jeff Wilpon gummed up the process even further by saying he wants to retain manager Mickey Callaway. Would any candidate who really wants the job be willing to go against his new boss?

Not likely.

Ricciardi and Minaya are suggesting candidates to the Wilpons, but would they really endorse somebody who will want to get rid of them?

Not likely, on that one, too.

The gap between two candidates, 35-year-old Tampa Bay senior VP of baseball operations Chaim Bloom and Milwaukee’s 66-year-old advisor Doug Melvin, is wider than the 31 years that separate them.

What candidates are going to be attracted by the Mets saying they don’t want to spend in the free-agent market, have no pieces to trade, and are seemingly ambivalent in analytics?

Not many, to be sure.

It was a long summer and figures to be a long winter.

3 thoughts on “Mets’ GM Search Hitting On No Cyclinders

  1. Another dismal off season… I keep praying for the coupons to sell, unfortunately my prayers are being made ignored…. I’ll keep praying though…hope springs eternal.

  2. How much of this dismal report on potential spending and the barren farm system goes back to the Ponzi scheme issue which supposedly robbed ownership of untold millions? This is an embarrassment for a NY team to be crying poor, especially one that was in the World Series a mere three years ago.

    John–always enjoy your work. Shoot me an e-mail when you can…GH Jacksonville, FL

  3. What a joke. They are reporting that the leading candidate to run the team is an agent.

    What a joke. I am done with this team. Fucking losers.