DeGrom Makes His Final Cy Young Case

As he has been all summer, Jacob deGrom was simply brilliant tonight in his final start of what could be a Cy Young Award-winning season. Despite an alarming lack of run support, deGrom overcame frequent criticism for a lack of wins and said he coveted winning the annual pitching award.

“I don’t think it has set in yet,’’ deGrom said of his season which included beating the Braves tonight, 3-0, giving up only two hits and struck out ten to give him 1,000 so far in his young career.

In 32 starts, deGrom, 10-9, with a 1.70 ERA, 0.91 WHIP and 269 strikeouts. Perhaps, most impressive was that hitters batted .142 with RISP and he finished the season with 29 straight starts of giving up three runs or fewer. He gave up one or no runs in 18 starts.

“I try not to look at the numbers,’’ deGrom said. “I try to put this team in position to win. I am very happy with how the night went.’’

One pitch at a time is a standard cliché for pitchers, but deGrom said was his secret.

“In the past where I got in trouble it was because I thought too much,’’ deGrom said. “I’m not letting things get to me. I learned to not worry about things I can’t control. I wish I had more wins, but it is what it is.’’

HARVEY SHOWS TRUE COLORS … AGAIN: The Mets have moved on from Matt Harvey, but the team remains in the mind of the temperamental former starter.

Traded to Cincinnati earlier this season, Harvey will be a free agent after this season, and without mentioning “Mets,’’ when asked about this winter, said: “There’s only one team out there I would not sign with, that’s about it.”

He didn’t have to say what team.

Injuries and his late-night partying sabotaged Harvey’s tenure with the Mets. He didn’t help himself any when he feuded with management about injury rehab and was suspended last year for blowing off a game without permission.

Harvey further alienated himself with the Mets when he refused a minor league rehab assignment to work on his mechanics.

Harvey could draw some interest this winter, but he needn’t worry, the Mets have no thought of bringing him back.

WRIGHT WON’T PLAY AGAINST BRAVES: Third baseman David Wright has been activated but assistant general manager John Ricco said it is unlikely he will play against the Braves because they are trying to earn home-field advantage in the Division Series.

However, Ricco left open the possibility he could pinch-hit in a blowout game. He is expected in pinch-hit Friday against the Marlins.

“I hope to go out there and do something that doesn’t embarrass me, but it’s going to be difficult, not having an at-bat for a while,” Wright said.

Manager Mickey Callaway said Jose Reyes will start alongside Wright at shortstop Saturday.

“When I’m hurt, I never put my uniform on. I wear a hoodie or something like that,” he said. “So, to put that thing on again means the world to me, and is something that you tend to take for granted.

“I’m really nervous, I’ll tell you that. I’m really excited. Got the butterflies going. It’s going to be a weird, yet fulfilling feeling,” he said. “I want to put on as good a show as I possibly can — and at the same time soak it all in.”

Wright hasn’t played in the majors since May 27, 2016, due to the neck, back and shoulder injuries that required surgery. Last month, Wright batted .171 (7 for 41) with a double and two RBIs in 10 rehab games for Class A St. Lucie and two with Triple-A Las Vegas.

CALLAWAY COMING BACK: Ricco said he won’t be a candidate for the GM position next year, but indicated Callaway was likely to return next season as manager.

“I think what’s impressed me the most is for a rookie manager in New York, he’s got the team playing hard all the way down to the end,” Ricco said. “He’s really got a lot of guys trending in the right direction. The young guys are playing hard and winning games, and our pitching, we’ve seen guys take big steps forward.”


4 thoughts on “DeGrom Makes His Final Cy Young Case

  1. During the game the announcers brought this up several times

    Jake is one of only 3 people to ever post these numbers in the past 100 years

    Sub 2.00 era
    Over 250 strikeouts
    Less than 50 walks

    Christy Mathewson
    Pedro Martinez
    Jake DeGrom

  2. Matt has pulled himself up from being a complete waste of space as a professional baseball player to a useful player.

    He is bitter at the way he felt the team treated him. That’s his right.

    The team handled him with a lot of deference and he was trotted out again and again when he should have been sent down.

    I wish him well and maybe he can regain the strength and control he requires to be an effective pitcher. Unfortunately he could not do that with the Mets and while he became somewhat useful with the Reds, he will not be a much sought after player in free agency that he and his handler anticipated a few years ago.

  3. David deserves his day in the sun.

    It would be nice to see him play for more than just one game.

    Once again the team ( owners ) show they have other priorities than to do the right thing.

    David is one of the greatest players the team ever produced.

    He always had a destructive bat and before he got hurt turned himself into one of the better 3rd basemen in the game.

    He was named the captain of the team and never did wrong by them.

    Rather than allow his fans to see him play a few games before his body forces him to hang it up the owners will only allow him one game before he hangs it up.

    This season we only have jake’s Cy Young season to celebrate. It would be nice if we could watch David try to play the game he loves one more time.

    Hopefully the team will surprise us and hire a GM who can build a team we can be proud of rather than one who will bumble around as we have over the past decade or 3 pretending that one of the most highly valued teams in professional sports wants to win.