Mets Have To Believe Cespedes’ Days Are Over

Sure, the Mets caught a bad break in losing Yoenis Cespedes for the rest of this season and probably up to August of next year. However, the one thing the Mets must resist is the notation to think ”he’ll come back to superstar form in 2020.”

CESPEDES: His days with Mets are over. (AP)

CESPEDES: His days with Mets are over. (AP)

They have to avoid that line of thought because, after all, these are the Mets we’re talking about, so everything breaking right usually doesn’t happen. The best position for the Mets is to learn from their David Wright experience and just move on.

They have to believe they got the best of Cespedes, but with that means they have to accept the worse. They have to believe Cespedes is gone forever, and everything they might get from him in the future is a bonus.

But, they can’t believe they never collect on that bonus.

Assistant general manager John Ricco said the Mets won’t alter their short-term plans to accommodate losing Cespedes, and they shouldn’t change their long-term plans, either.

”Certainly, when you don’t have one of your best players on the field, you have to look at your team differently,” Ricco said, when asked if Cespedes’ surgery changes the Mets’ long-term strategy. ”At this point, we just found this information out in the last day or so. I think it’s a little bit too quick to speculate as to how we’re going to change our plan moving forward.”

He’s right on that. Trading somebody like Jacob deGrom for a power bat in the outfield isn’t the prudent move now, because where the Mets are situated today, losing a solid arm in exchange for a handful of home runs won’t make them any better. And certainly, it won’t elevate them to contender status.

Even with a healthy and productive Cespedes, the Mets aren’t a contender. The Mets shouldn’t concentrate on acquiring a Cespedes-type bat until they do reach contending status.

And, it isn’t imminent.

Currently, the Mets’ outfield consists of Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo and Jose Bautista. When he returns, throw Jay Bruce into that mix. This isn’t to say the Mets don’t need a healthy and productive Cespedes, but they can’t count on that now.

Or ever again.

8 thoughts on “Mets Have To Believe Cespedes’ Days Are Over

  1. Sorry Delcos, but you’re way premature with your dramatics pronouncing Cespedes days are over. Cespedes’s contract runs through 2020. He could be back healthy sometime between May and July next season.

  2. People are still rooting for Wright to return. Want Reyes on the roster for ‘old times’ sake’. It is this type of blindness which allows Mets ownership/management to build a loyal fan base with bobble head give-aways. Cespedes was shot the moment Mets signed him to 3 year deal despite chronic injury issues and incapacity to actually play outside – despite a Gold Glove….explain that?

    Play the insurance card for all it’s worth. Choose between those 3 syncopate would-be GM’s and let him put together a 3 year strategy based on player selection, development, and a personnel budget which will get us there.

    Cespedes has no place within this.

    Cespedes has no role in a successful strategy for our team development.

    • Agreed
      David was done years ago and yet every year there are pages written about his return. Who cares? If he returns he won’t play or if he plays he will be terrible. He has a serious neck injury that forced them to fuse his knock I think. He hasn’t played in years.

      Does anyone think he can miraculously hit mlb pitching and field his position after being out so long when he can’t turn his head?

      I have no idea why they signed Jose. He has been terrible for all the time he has been a met since they scooped him up off the scrap heap.

      He can’t field. He can’t hit and he has no fundamentals and doesn’t care. And yet a player who is worse than the AAA guys we have is starting. How does that work?

      I hope yoenis comes back at some point and can play. But I am prepared for him never playing for us again. The team should be prepared as well.

      The only hope for the team is for the league to force a sale so we get an owner that cares and has the ability to hire a competent front office. I don’t even need a good one. A competent one will suffice.

    • Mark

      Hoping that any of the 3 clowns who are “running “ the team is a fools erand. They all suck. Omar left us the mess that sandy fixed for a short time. You don’t want him running the team. The other two have been part of the joke we have now. You don’t want them either.

      Ricco is a liar. I want no part of him. His only use is as an attack dog to tear down you most important players.

  3. So we traded Cabrera for some AA guy.
    At least it seems better than what we got for familia.
    At this point they should keep Wheeler.

    With the underwhelming returns the team is getting there is no way you trade Zach.

    It just continues the garbage we got last year.

  4. So the season is over.
    We send down a pitcher who was pitching well for us and we have Jose , a player who has no future, can’t hit and can’t field starting yet again.

    Is this the best we have for third base? A player who should be on the bench at best or out of the game really instead of some young guy trying to prove himself.

    What do we gain from having Jose starting almost every day? He sucks. He should be cut. It playing.