Lack Of Communication Defines Mets’ Relationship With Cespedes

No, I can’t tell you with any certainty what is going on with the Mets or Yoenis Cespedes, these days. Nobody can. Not even Cespedes, although he does have a lot of explaining to do.

Actually, so do the Mets trio of general managers, not to mention COO Jeff Wilpon. The caveat is it will be preferable to get truthful explanations, not those that defy comprehension.

CESPEDES: No communication with Mets. (AP)

CESPEDES: No communication with Mets. (AP)

Or even logic.

Cespedes, after missing over 50 games with a strained hip flexor, returned from the DL Friday night and homered against the Yankees, then after the game said he needed surgery to treat dual heel calcifications and could miss up to ten months, which, if he went under the knife tomorrow could return next June.

Manager Mickey Callaway said “I’m not quite sure what he said,’’ about Cespedes’ bombshell announcement, but does it really matter? This was way above Callaway’s paygrade and should have been addressed way before Yankee Stadium Friday.

For example, who was the doctor who told Cespedes he needed surgery, and when did he tell him? It stands to reason this was a doctor not affiliated with the Mets, because if it was wouldn’t he/she have warned the front office Cespedes wasn’t ready to be promoted or cleared to return?

You would think so.

Also, when was Cespedes given this prognosis? Was it before Cespedes volunteered to play first base? Kind of convenient if it was, because wouldn’t it be just like Cespedes to make us feel good about him one moment just before he pulls the rug out from under us the next?

Of course, for the over two months Cespedes was on the DL, he said nothing to the media, which is consistent with his prima donna attitude. Sometime during those two months, somebody got into Cespedes’ head about his feet.

If I’m the Mets I’m doing two things: 1) wondering if the Mets have any legal grounds in which to void Cespedes’ contract and if they do not, whether they would attempt to buy him out.

After all, it is clear he doesn’t want to play for the Mets, and if he undergoes surgery on his heels, he will miss at least another five months if he has the good sense to have the procedure immediately.

But, that would entail Cespedes and the Mets acting in concert, but there’s a total disconnect between the factions.

It will never happen.

“I don’t think it’s a disconnect,’’ said assistant GM John Ricco. “It’s not like he has been saying this for months and we just haven’t been listening. For the first to our knowledge, the first he even was considering this surgery was when he said it on Friday.”

If that’s the case, then it is clear the Mets haven’t been talking with Cespedes recently. Isn’t that what is the very disconnect between the Mets and Cespedes?


5 thoughts on “Lack Of Communication Defines Mets’ Relationship With Cespedes

  1. Really now… They should see if they can void his contract. Based on what????? He has been heels. This isn’t the NFL. The clown one third GM claimed yesterday that he had this since high school. You blame Cespedes for the total incompetence of the Mets org. They traded for him and signed him twice. The only contracts that should be investigated are the fake medical personnel the Wilpons hired. Buy him out. You want to get rid of the guy release him. That’s what the big boys do. And why is it “clear” he doesn’t want to play for the Mets. Were you watching the beginning of the year??? If he didn’t want to play for the Mets why was he out there limping every night?? You show some proof or apologize. He came back when the frauds who are the medical people were clueless and was limping in game one. He asked to play Sunday. But you make a false accusation. Maybe Wright doesn’t want to play for the Mets. Maybe he is going thru motions. Maybe Bruce doesn’t want to play for the Mets. Why don’t you slander them too,.

  2. This is downright unbelievable and hard to believe. Cespedes has taken control of the Mets and the Wilpons have no idea how to fix their broken organization!

  3. Did you write that Beltran didn’t want to play for the Mets either when his knee was shot and the ass holes Wilpon Wilpon and Ricco were against that one also. Funny. When a guy making a lot of dough is hurt bad the three assholes do the same pathetic routine over and over and some bloggers blame the player. When will we pan Wright or is there a reason he is not targetted and the other rich guys who actually play are ?

    • Yeah

      Read an article that reminded me of Beltran

      Carlos got surgery to fix himself so he can play again and the Wilson’s did what they could to embarrass him. They tried to get Omar to make him the bad guy and Omar to his credit refused. So they got the next guy in line Ricco who mouthed the party line ( why do you think he is still with the team?)

      Apparently the Mets knew of his foot issues when they signed him to 4 years and now they are feigning shock.

      Fire the owners.

      • I mean yo says in an interview that he might need surgery and the coach says he never knew and the front office runs and hides like cowards.

        This team is a joke.

        MLB needs to force a sale like they did to the dodgers. Look at the dodgers now..