Mets Top Five Second Half Questions

We know this is a lost season for the Mets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face four significant questions in the second half. How they answer them could determine whether they will be competitive next year or five seasons from now:

SYNDERGAARD: Not going anywhere.  (SNY)

SYNDERGAARD: Not going anywhere. (SNY)

1. QUESTION: Who will run the show?

ANSWER: In the wake of GM Sandy Alderson’s absence, the trio of assistants John Ricco, Omar Minaya and J.P. Ricciardi will do the daily lifting, but the major decisions will be made by COO Jeff Wilpon. It’s up to you to determine if that’s good or bad. If the Mets are to make an exhaustive GM search in the offseason, it would likely preclude any major trades between now and July 31. One assumption we can make is if the Mets go outside for a general manager it would stand to reason the new hire will want to name his own manager and Mickey Callaway will be let go.

2. QUESTION: What becomes of the Mets aces?

ANSWER: It’s not likely neither Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard will be traded by the current GM trio. Those decisions aren’t made by out-going general managers. There’s been some talk of Zack Wheeler and/or Steven Matz being traded, but I don’t think that will happen, either. The Mets take their time building up to making major decisions, and if I’m Wilpon and know I’m going to name a new GM, then I want that hire to assess where the club is positioned in the short term. Personally, if the Mets get, and stay, healthy, I can see them improving in 2019, but I can’t see them competing. That’s just too big of a leap to make.

3. QUESTION: Who will be gone by the end of the month?

ANSWER: The two biggest reported names on the block are Jeurys Familia and Asdrubal Cabrera. Closers are especially at a premium, so Familia might be the best move to make. Cabrera is having a solid season, and there are several teams needing a second/third baseman. With Dustin Pedroia injured, the Red Sox can use a second baseman. Wilmer Flores is being showcased, but tears alone won’t keep him in Queens this time. They could always trade Jay Bruce again, but he’s injured. I can also see they taking calls about Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman. If they aren’t going to play him, then Dominic Smith has to either be traded or sent to the minors. Yoenis Cespedes has a no-trade clause, so he’s not going anywhere. Lefty reliever Jerry Blevins could also be dealt.

4. QUESTION: What’s going on with Cespedes?

ANSWER: He played nine innings at first base in a rehab game yesterday. First base is an intriguing because of his legs. Cespedes, 32, has been on the DL with a strained right hip flexor since May 16. He’s expected to be activated from the DL on Friday, but with Cespedes, you never know. With this being a lost season, the Mets might as well see what he can do at first base. Cespedes has been a dismal signing, and this is his chance to salvage his career in New York. The Mets are an organization void of young talent, but if Cespedes plays first for the rest of this season and next year, it could stunt the development of the franchise’s second-ranked prospect, Peter Alonso. Chances are we’ll see Alonso as a late-season call-up. Either way, it seems like the end of the line for Smith.

5. QUESTION: Will we see The Captain this year?

ANSWER: For a while, there was thought we might see David Wright before Cespedes. Wright has been throwing and taking batting practice, and there’s speculation he might return this season. Still, there’s no timetable for his return. If not, there’s always next spring training.


5 thoughts on “Mets Top Five Second Half Questions

  1. I would think a new GM would prefer his own manager to run the show. Callaway may or may not have a bright future as a manager in this league but this was not the job for him.

    First base – Cespedes is going to be our guy st first moving forward unless he’s a complete embarrassment. That’s why the position wasn’t handed over to Dom Smith. The kid certainly didn’t knock anyone’s socks off but that was the quickest I’ve seen any team give up on a legit prospect in a long time. Cespedes has to play with that kinda dough being shelled out for a guy susceptible to injury everytime he reads his name on the line up card.

    Pitching – the Mets will give this quartet of pitchers (Thor, Jake, Matz & Wheeler) one last shot at success. They are all pretty much healthy and showing the fans and front office that this is what we were all expecting to some degree.

    As for everyone else they are all expendable. The return on a familia, wheeler, Flores, etc would be a low level nobody that would just fill out some minor league team roster.

  2. 1) find a GM that can buy a clue. Sandy has been great controlling expenses but that doesn’t win games and it shows.

    None of the clowns in the front office deserve to call the shots for the team.

    2) that really depends on #1. Since we don’t have a front office with a clue how can you make strategic decisions on what to do with your pitchers?

    3) get rid of everyone. As we can see we have Brandon and mike and arguably Amed and the rest you can get rid of.

    4) we are stuck with yo. He will always be on the dL. Move on.

    5) who cares? Seriously. He won’t make us better. He should retire so the team can give him a proper send off. He can’t help the team.

  3. Why are we even bringing up David Wright – ghost of Christmas Past. We are desperate, but that desperate?

    • You think they aren’t desperate. Why is thier sny blog headlining Tebow almost every day. The headlines already call him a Met. He will be on the roster before Wright

  4. Our genius head office guys sold off familia for a bag of balls.
    While he is not great he is worth more than some random minor league guys and $1million international $