Alderson In No-Win Situation

Jacob deGrom isn’t my all-time favorite Met, but he’s close. I don’t want the Mets to trade him, but if GM Sandy Alderson pulls the trigger on a deal, I would understand the reasoning. I just don’t have faith he’d get it right. I don’t have faith he’d get it right with Noah Syndergaard, either.

ALDERSON: In no win situation. (AP)

ALDERSON: In no-win situation. (AP)

There’s no doubt the Mets could get something substantial for either one, but just how much? Both are highly regarded, but to put either one – or both – on the block is sending a signal the Mets won’t be competitive for at least four years.

The Mets are an old team, and by that time it is likely Yoenis Cespedes, Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier, Jeurys Familia, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jose Reyes and probably the bullpen would be gone. Under the Alderson regime, the bullpen turns over nearly every year.

And although Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz have pitched well over the path month, that’s such a small sample size to assume they become certified aces over the next four years.

The present roster has only two prospects – Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo – I’m confident will pan out. I don’t include Amed Rosario, but there’s always hope.

Given that, if Alderson keeps both deGrom and Syndergaard, there’s little to believe the Mets will have the necessary pieces to build a contender. With their history, it’s safe to believe they will not do any significant spending, and their farm system is barren, so they won’t build that way, either.

The last three games, including deGrom’s gem last night, have been fun to watch, but it’s not enough to think they’ve turned the corner, as even the 1962 Mets won three in a row.

So, whether or not deGrom is traded, will it even matter?

5 thoughts on “Alderson In No-Win Situation

  1. The worm be turned. A six or 7game winning streak,a return from Ces and this team will be close to 500. The starters look to be in good form, the relievers with less innings should be better. Better times are near.

  2. John,
    Understandably we have been reading that the Mets minor leagues are bare of talent.

    Why is that?

    Have we been trading prospects for old talent? (I thought the opposite was the case last year.)
    Is the scouting deficient? Is player development sub-par.

    Please don’t say ‘all of the above’. Just what has gone on down there?

  3. Sandy would never get it right. The Mets have suffered through too many Jim fregosi’s, Pat zachary’s, Steve Henderson’s, etc to risk the gamble. This team is underachieving and injuries are a tired excuse.

  4. Your headline is wrong. He is not caught between anything. If he worked anywhere else he would be gone. Here he can do no wrong with the owners. Afteralllbthe Wilpons got their meaningful games in April.

  5. Matt Havey must be happy he is on a good team (Reds have won 7 straight; 29-30 under Riggleman after 3-15 start). Harvey has improved to mediocre. I thought at the time it was time to say goodbye to the Dark Knight and it probably still holds true. But could his availability lessen what Alderson could get if he trades away pitching for prospects?