Conforto Avoids Minor League Demotion; Hopes Swing Adjustment Works

The Mets are optimistic an adjustment Michael Conforto made to his swing after working with hitting coach Pat Roessler and assistant hitting coach Tom Slater might jumpstart his season to the point where it could prevent a trip to the minor leagues.

Specifically, Conforto has been swinging too early at pitches.

“We just sat down and said ‘What’s causing you to chase pitches? What’s causing you to not go the other way with power like you usually do?’ ” Conforto told reporters in Arizona.

“I hit a couple of balls the other way in the Subway Series and it didn’t feel like I had much behind it. Then you go back and look at video and see I am kind of an extension when hitting the ball the other way whereas last year I was kind of catching it in my swing and I was getting a little extra behind it.”

Conforto is hitting .088 for June (3-for-34), but homered Thursday at Arizona. His OPS is .689 this season compared to .999 at this time last season.

We must also remember Conforto is nine months removed from left shoulder surgery and didn’t have a normal spring training.

When told of his OPS last June 14, Conforto said he “absolutely” expects a return to that level before this season concludes.

The Mets’ season could already be lost, but Conforto still believes he can salvage his season personally.

“Getting on base and hitting for extra bases is something I think I am very good at and so far it hasn’t been there and I think that is my identity as a hitter and I think it’s going to get better,’’ Conforto said.

Conforto might have been demoted had Yoenis Cespedes not had a setback to his quad.

One thought on “Conforto Avoids Minor League Demotion; Hopes Swing Adjustment Works

  1. So it took the staff until the middle of June to review his swing. Who needs to go. Lets start with Alderson and follow up with the horrendous manager and staff he picked to return this team to glory. Calloway is the worst manager in team history, and his staff is just as bad. They all know just one way and can’t do anything to adjust to individual ability and style. Too bad Alderson didn’t tell us he thought the Met glory days were the early 60’s. And don’t you love the way they single out one guy. The entire offense is low A ball but Conforto is the one they want to punish. Took two months to remove Gonzalez and yet Reyes and Bautista who are far worse are still here, but lets pick on Conforto. Guess the team has quit. And who can blame them. Playing for Callaway must be terrible. Plaay bad mabe he’ll get the deserved axe.