Timing Of Gonzalez Release Is Bizarre

Not that Adrian Gonzalez was going to turn their season around, but the timing of the Mets releasing the 36-year-old first baseman after Sunday night’s game – even with three strikeouts – seems a little odd.

For a team in desperate need of offense, why would you release a player who is third in RBI with 26, especially with the leader Asdrubal Cabrera leaving Sunday’s game with an apparent hamstring injury and the second-ranked player in Yoenis Cespedes suffering a setback in his rehab and is out indefinitely?

GONZALEZ: Gone already. (AP)

GONZALEZ: Gone already. (AP)

Bringing up Dominic Smith, who wasn’t impressive in his trial last season, doesn’t appear to be the answer, especially when the Mets are also throwing out the idea of trying Jay Bruce and Jose Bautista at first base.

Smith, who was injured and missed most of spring training because of a strained quad muscle, never had the opportunity to compete with Gonzalez and learn from the All-Star.

As is often the case with GM Sandy Alderson, the announcement was made after the media availability to Gonzalez was over and reporters didn’t have a chance to speak with him.

The Mets will also bring up Ty Kelly with Smith and for the second time in a month, catcher Jose Lobaton was designated for assignment.

As far as Cespedes goes, there’s no timetable for his return any longer. Cespedes played in a rehab game Friday with Double-A Binghamton without incident and sustained a setback Saturday. He’s now in Port St. Lucie working with the Mets’ rehabilitation staff.

“We had been excited about the prospect of getting him back in a few days,” manager Mickey Callaway said. “But we can’t let these injuries stop us from doing what we need to do. We have other Major League players who can step up and get the job done, and that’s what we need to do.

“As this continues to move forward, and it continues to drag on, there has to be a level of understanding that it’s maybe something you battle throughout the rest of your career.

“But I don’t think we’re at that point yet. The goal is still to get him to where he can be out there and feel normal.’’

Cespedes missed 81 games last season and has already missed 24 with more games coming off the schedule on a daily basis.

4 thoughts on “Timing Of Gonzalez Release Is Bizarre

  1. Hard to understand and accept the judgements of this team’s management.

    Also, there IS a climate of injury acceptance within an organization. The Jets hierarchy have a history of drafting players coming off college injuries – only to see them fail. The Mets HAVE a history of trading for players who break down in the Big Apple.

    Manager’s comment about NY ‘pressure’ supports my contention.

  2. Injury mismanagement continues. Absolutely no surprise Cespedes wasn’t truly physically ready for rehab assignment. The Mets tried to push him along when it was evident he wasn’t adequately healed.

    Shouldn’t be a surprise when Cabrera goes down to a more serious leg injury should the Mets allow him to play through this one. Is it coincidence that Cabrera’s bat has cooled since he tweaked something in the field several weeks ago and tried to walk it off? I don’t think so. I remember thinking this very thing when that incident occurred.

    In terms of Gonzalez release, I agree with Delcos – the timing at this point in the season is rather curious.

  3. Mets living in ancient times. Teams like Cards encourage players to speak up about any problems and get help right away turning 10 days out is better than 2 months out. Hence their going nuts on Reyes for hiding injury and pain. Not the Mets. Play hurt. Ruin your career that is the motto of frauds I’m chargw at all levels of this terrible organization

  4. Why is timing bizarre to you what matters to the Wilpons is money and Gonzalez cost less to dump than the other guys who suck. Reyes stays cause he makes a bit. Harvey was unique. Complete hatred of the anti David Wright. So Reyes smiles and dances. Who cares if he abuses women. He don’t make much and he acts happy. Good little staff guy. Harvey was evil. Went to parties. Didn’t hurt others. He be bad.