Pitching Lets Down Mets In Lost Weekend

Pitching was supposed to carry the Mets as far as they’d go this season. Right now, after a blistering start, it has taken them one game over .500 as they head into Atlanta for the start of a four-game series against the no-fluke Braves.

The Mets’ pitching was horrible in losing three of four over the weekend in Milwaukee, with both the starters and bullpen combining to give up 29 games in the series.

The highlight of the weekend was Steven Matz giving up no runs in six innings, but threw 94 pitches in that span. Noah Syndergaard, again, showed he can’t hold runners on base as two of the stolen bases against him scored. Jason Vargas encored a solid start with a sinker Saturday, and Zack Wheeler was so-so today.

The bullpen was awful giving up 17 runs.

Making matters worse heading south is AJ Ramos (shoulder tightness) could land on the disabled list and Wilmer Flores returned to New York to have his sore back examined.

I hate to say it, but if the Mets leave Atlanta less than .500, then never get there again this year.



6 thoughts on “Pitching Lets Down Mets In Lost Weekend

  1. We have an ace
    We have a league bag pitcher
    And a bunch of who cares? As starting pitchers

    Then we have a pen that is just not good enough and no hitting.

  2. So the king of getting mediocre players, Alderson and his fleet of new statistical side kicks, were so fast tio dump Harvey but Vargas, Wheeler, Blevins, Ramos are all at least as bad if not worse but are treated as if a bad performance is an anomaly. This team will never contend with double and triple standards. Harvey sucked and needed to go but why are the rest still here and regulars?.

  3. Is the fact that Callaway had never managed at any level an issue with the media and/or fan base there? If he follows the Francona doctrine to the letter, the Mets will soon be carrying 14 pitchers…

  4. Congratulations. Move over Frazier Torborg Westrum Manuel. Mets now have without a doubt the worst manager in their history. And to the guy above. francona plays to win this game not the next. It has nothing to do with experience. This guy thinks he makes a plan and is not allowed to change it. Worst ever.