Harvey Shows True Colors Again

Yesterday I wrote the transition to the bullpen for Matt Harvey could work if the temperamental pitcher has the right mindset. His postgame reaction after last night – even though the Mets won – indicates he has a long way to go before that’s the case.

Harvey should be smart enough to realize reporters would want to talk to him after his first relief appearance, and it didn’t matter if he gave up a run or not.

“No chance, zero chance,” Harvey said when approached by reporters. “I have nothing to say to you guys.”

The ever-classy Harvey then cursed at the group when asked why he didn’t want to answer questions, saying because, “I don’t f—ing want to.’’

Would it have been that difficult for Harvey to spend five minutes with reporters, who for the most part, have given him every benefit of the doubt during his largely disappointing Mets’ career?

Manager Mickey Callaway, who has stressed accountability, weakly gave Harvey a pass.

“We really can’t do anything about that, I think it’s his right as a player,” said. “The rules are such, kinda like when we have days off we can’t make them come in and work out.”

That’s not exactly true. The standard player contract requires players to “cooperate’’ with the press. However, that relationship has never been more confrontational than it is these days.

If Harvey is as intelligent as he thinks himself to be he should know that acting like a jerk works against you in the long run. He certainly can’t be getting support in his own clubhouse, as players who do cooperate are put in the uncomfortable position of having to answer questions about Harvey.

Just like when Harvey blew off a game and showed up late for a playoff workout, it is the epitome of selfishness.

We know Harvey is gone after this season and it looks as if he’s getting a head start to burn his bridges.

The irony of it all is that if Harvey pitches adequately, he could find himself back into the rotation as Steven Matz has shelled again tonight in the Mets’ 9-1 loss in St. Louis.

4 thoughts on “Harvey Shows True Colors Again

  1. We have Jake and Thor and who knows?

    This is the team we have.

    The pen has been pretty good and shows serious signs of fraying with familia really giving it up.

    We have good defense and good hitting.

    Now we need to see what kind of pitching we have and we see the same faults with Steve, Matt and Zach we always have.

  2. Maybe when two other guys suck worse and you are singled out you are pissed. I guess a great star like yourself can’t relate. What will you do when Harvey is gone. Back to your next great hate. Cespedes.