Wheeler Doesn’t Deserve Rotation Spot

It appears the Mets will have to wait a little longer before their “vaunted’’ rotation completes a one-through-five cycle. That’s because, based on performance Zack Wheeler should open the season in Las Vegas.

The Nationals torched Wheeler for five runs in two innings – throwing 58 pitches – on Thursday, this coming after Washington bullied him for five runs in three innings in his previous start. Ten runs in five innings isn’t just a bad two starts, it’s pretty much what he’s done all spring.

Wheeler hasn’t lasted longer than three innings in any of his five starts this spring. Last I checked, an 8.10 ERA this spring training is awful, and not worthy of a spot on the Opening Day roster. And, if not for Jason Vargas injury he wouldn’t be.

“I am highly disappointed,’’ Wheeler told reporters. “I have got to keep my head up, though. I am feeling healthy, feeling good, but maybe just off a little mechanically, and hopefully I can get that figured out quick.’’

Manager Mickey Callaway believes Wheeler is putting too much pressure on himself by being too fine. Consequently, Wheeler is forced to come in with the fastball when he falls behind in the count.

That’s trouble for any pitcher at any level, whether he’s healthy or not.

“I still think we have a decision to make and we’re not quite ready to make it yet,’’ Callaway said. “We have to continue to evaluate all the pieces we have.’’

If Vargas is ready, he’ll go. If not, it could be Seth Lugo. It just shouldn’t be Wheeler right now.

3 thoughts on “Wheeler Doesn’t Deserve Rotation Spot

  1. After so much promise in his first year, it’s a shame injuries has set him back so much. I would have loved to see the 1 through 5 rotation go thru a season without injuries. Hopefully he can figure out the problem and come back strong

  2. I agree Wheeler hasn’t earned a rotation spot – not even one start in place of Vargas. I think Lugo deserves it and is my choice even though it weakens the pen.

    I think Wheeler should spend some time in Vegas getting his head straight on the mound and his big mouth annoiting himself into the rotation before selected and in early spring training dissing the Vargas acquisition in its threat to Wheeler in the rotation.

    Wheeler will never be a dominant pitcher – starter or reliever until he toughens up, learns a bulldog mentality on the mound, learns how to attack and pitch like he means it. All talk no action and I’m tired of it.