Is It Time To Worry About Rosario’s Knee?

The Mets have been upfront about their injury situation. Unfortunately, there’s a lot for them to talk about. The latest of consequence is shortstop Amed Rosario’s sore left knee.

Rosario didn’t return today against Houston, and still hasn’t undergone an MRI since leaving Saturday’s game. The Mets are calling it “left knee irritation,’’ but Rosario said: “I felt some sort of tightness about the knee. That’s what I felt. … On Saturday I felt a little bit of pain.’’ (Monday) I tried to run a little bit again, but not on the same level as Saturday, so it’s going down.’’

Opening Day is three weeks from tomorrow, and Rosario said he’s now “starting from zero.’’

The Mets have Jose Reyes to fall back on [although Ty Kelly started today].

Is it time to worry about making the Opening Day roster? If this continues to linger and doctors find something today, maybe it is.

The Mets finally gave Rosario an MRI today which came back negative.



3 thoughts on “Is It Time To Worry About Rosario’s Knee?

  1. I hope it is just a hurt knee as they report and they are being cautious

    Please don’t make Jose a starter, I would rather give Gavin a try. Jose sucks.

    He sucked all year last year at short. Why would we want him to suck again this year? If it is that bad I am sure there is some legit veteran ss to be had on the market

    • There is always that AA ss Luis. He can certainly play ss better than anyone not named amed.