Cespedes Gives Up Golf To Keep Legs Fresh

Yoenis Cespedes insists there’s no reason to be concerned about his sore right shoulder, saying it’s this way every spring.

Funny, I don’t seem to remember that from last year, but it’s a new year, so let’s give him benefit of doubt.

CESPEDES: Gives up golf. (AP)

CESPEDES: Gives up golf. (AP)

Cespedes did learn from the past and remembers the controversy over his golf game while he nursed a strained hamstring in 2016, and to use the term popularized by GM Sandy Alderson realizes playing golf while injured “isn’t a good optic.’’

Cespedes says golfing reduces emotional stress – not the way I played – but said he’s giving up the game to alleviate any strain on his traditionally fragile legs.

“There are many players who when they are in a slump, they go play golf to try to work on their hitting,’’ Cespedes told reporters. “In my case, I will not do it because I choose to rest my legs so I can be more relaxed and more rested, and also so my legs have more time to heal.’’

Cespedes also drew criticism for his heavy weightlifting regimen featuring 900-pound “bear squats,’’ and has taken up yoga. To his credit, Cespedes’ legs look leaner and not muscle-bound.

So far, his legs are fine but his shoulder is barking. He said two weeks are usually what it takes for his arm to get into shape. He hopes to play Friday.

We shall see.

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