Alderson Wrong Again: Mets Do Need More Pitching

Of all of baseball’s many clichés, “you can never have too much pitching,’’ which Mets GM Sandy Alderson, whom his biographer claims in one of the smartest men in the game, refuted today.

DE GROM: Leads rotation loaded with questions. (AP)

DE GROM: Leads rotation loaded with questions. (AP)

Alderson told reporters today in Port St. Lucie: “Notwithstanding many opinions to the contrary, I’m not convinced we need more pitching.’’

There aren’t many things I agree with Alderson on recently, and this certainly isn’t one of them.’’

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Every possible pitcher in the rotation and that includes Jacob deGrom early in his career has undergone some type of surgery or been placed on the disabled list.
  • Noah Syndergaard missed nearly five months last year with a torn lat muscle, and only pitched two innings after coming back from the disabled list. He reported to spring training in good shape, but we don’t know how he’ll respond to a full camp much less a full season.
  • Matt Harvey has worked only one injury-free season since 2012 and twice had season-ending surgery.
  • Lefty Steven Matz has been to the DL four times since his major league debut in 2015.
  • Zack Wheeler has started 17 games in three years.
  • Seth Lugo is trying to rebound from a partial tear of his right ulnar collateral ligament.
  • Robert Gsellman sustained a torn left hamstring last year and had trouble with his mechanics.


That’s seven possible starters and doesn’t include Rafael Montero, who has consistently labored with his command.

Jake Arrieta is the top free agent remaining, but we’d be spinning our wheels to think that will happen, and Alderson is already on record as saying the front office doesn’t want to forfeit a compensatory draft pick and a half-million dollars of international bonus pool space.

So, given the current status of the Mets’ pool of potential starters, how can Alderson responsibly say he doesn’t see how they don’t need more pitching.


4 thoughts on “Alderson Wrong Again: Mets Do Need More Pitching

  1. We have one legit starter from last year and that is Jake

    Thor pitched well for a month and then was hurt for the whole season

    The others are a joke.

    Steve needs to learn how to be effective again

    Matt needs to learn how to pitch

    Zack Ned’s to learn how to walk to the mound cause he never got there


    We need a starter. There are many out there. We should get a legit starter who can play.

    Besides all those you listed we have nothing in the minors. Nothing.

  2. Alderson definately sees the glass half full. He figures the odds have to be with him and even if 2 of these arms go south he has the depth to replenish. The only problem with that is that the depth is pretty thin. He clearly didn’t learn his lesson. Guys like Montero, Flexen and company didn’t all of a sudden become quality 4 or 5 type starters in the off season. Alderson needs to find another arm and soon!