Three Givens In Mets Rotation

The Mets will take five starters north, but only three are givens: Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey. Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler are coming off injuries and we won’t know about them until late in spring training.

DeGrom and Syndergaard – assuming healthy – are two of the best in the sport. Syndergaard missed most of last year with a torn lat muscle and early reports are he’s in great shape and not bulked up like last year.

Harvey has never lived up to his potential because of injuries, and here’s hoping in his walk year he can come close to his 2013 form.

It is entirely possible Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo could fill out the end of the rotation. Chris Flexen and Rafael Montero will also compete but could wind up in the bullpen in long relief as he’s out of minor league options.

If Matz or Wheeler is ready, it is possible Lugo could pitch out of the pen.

2 thoughts on “Three Givens In Mets Rotation

  1. The only given is Jake.
    Jake is the only starting pitcher who pitched last year.

    Thor pitched how many games?

    Matt was not a major league pitcher. He wasn’t even a low A pitcher.
    Steve was horrible when he pitched
    Zach has never pitched
    Robert and Seth sucked
    And we were glad when Rafael did t give up 16 runs a game.

    In this year where there are many good pitchers who can help us for not a lot of money it is a travesty that we are going to spring training with this motley bunch.

    • I like that we got jay back.
      I like that we signed Todd to be a professional player who actually knows how to play third.

      We bolstered our pen because our rotation sucks. So now that good players are relatively cheap why don’t we try and build a team that can win?

      Because we have owners that can’t buy a clue and are bankrupt