Mets Get Encouraging News On Smith

Of all I’ve heard about the Mets this winter the most encouraging is the positive news about Dominic Smith’s conditioning. Whether it be Adrian Gonzalez’s presence, GM Sandy Alderson’s comments or whether last season’s window was a wake-up call is irrelevant.

All three conspired to grab Smith by the scruff of his neck and shake some sense into him.

SMITH: Has lost his gut. (AP)

SMITH: Has lost his gut. (AP)

Smith, who hit for more power than anybody anticipated, is in the best shape of his career after dropping 30 pounds this winter.

“I feel more athletic than I’ve ever been,’’ Smith told The Post. “In spring training, I’ve always looked the part, but as far as my mobility and loosening up some hips and being more flexible, more agile as an athlete, I feel like this is the most advanced I’ve been for sure in my career.

“I feel the difference. I feel like my whole posture is better. The way I walk around is better. My body doesn’t hurt. I just feel more like an athlete. And that’s something that I didn’t have in the past.’’

Of course, there are stories every spring about players reporting to camp in the best shape of their careers, but just being in shape isn’t enough. Let’s hope Smith’s good feeling about his conditioning will filter down to his plate discipline and patience.

If Smith can couple his conditioning and improve his walks-to-strikeouts ratio (14-to-49 for a .262 on-base percentage and .198 batting average) it would go a long way in him becoming the player the Mets envisioned.

As far as Gonzalez goes, he would have been a great pick-up five years ago but the Mets couldn’t have afforded him. I’d rather Smith plays full time and reaches his potential and Gonzalez come off the bench.

8 thoughts on “Mets Get Encouraging News On Smith

  1. There’s really no room on the four-man bench for a one-position player. Even Kevin Plawecki can sub at first (and in a mop-up role, on the mound, too).

  2. I read where his stint in the minors last year gained all the weight back

    I hope smith makes it. He has been touted as a good defensive first baseman with a bat who struggles for power

    It would be nice to have a player like Keith or olerud

  3. Can’t beat the mentoring that Gonzalez will provide to Smith this spring.

    The challenge for Smith is to go down to AAA and prove he can manage his weight and fitness while facing the same conditions he’s had as minor leaguer.

    While there, let him also play some outfield. With the weight he’s lost and the athleticism he’s gained, his speed should be serviceable if not more to play the corners thus increasing versatility. With a maxed out 40 and just 5 outfielders on it- including Conforto – we need outside the box thinking. Then when he returns to the majors, he’ll add additional value for himself and team.

  4. Rosario,Smith, and Conforto,DeGrom, Syndergard that’s the core for the next 2-3seasons.