Frazier Helps Mets Four Ways

Unquestionably, the Mets are better today after reportedly agreeing to terms with third baseman Todd Frazier on a two-year, $17-million deal.

Frazier improves the Mets four ways:

  • He gives them a proven, veteran third baseman for the next two seasons.
  • He alleviates the David Wright issue. There’s no reason to think about him returning now.
  • He allows Asdrubal Cabrera to play second base, which he prefers.
  • He strengthens the bench because it enables them to concentrate on Jose Reyes in a platoon at second and third.

Frazier hit 67 homers in the last two years, but Mets manager Mickey Callaway told The Post there’s more to him than just power.

“He’s a baseball player,’’ Callaway said. “And you know what he did at the end of the season when we were preparing to play the Yankees, he made some adjustments at the plate. He stopped chasing balls.

“He stopped trying to go down there and flick that ball to left, he was laying off balls that he was going after in the past. You look at his average (.213), but that’s going to change if he continues to do what he did the last month of the season.’’

“He’s a great defender. He’s a great baserunner, too. He can really, really run the bases. Every time we’d go into town and played him, our bench coach, who controlled the running game, would come up to me and say, ‘We’ve got to make sure to keep Frazier close at first, he gets that running lead.’ He puts pressure on the other team.’’

Frazier improves the Mets, but does he make them overcome the 22 games needed to reach .500?


9 thoughts on “Frazier Helps Mets Four Ways

  1. Most of those things aren’t very good.

    I’d rather still be able to think about Wright. And I’d rather not watch Cabrera play 2b, he stinks and this team needs to stop catering to him. And Reyes doesn’t really add anything

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people go ga ga over a declining 32 year old player (last four years in OPS+) who hit .213 last year and lifetime .189 in the post season (the Mets should be so lucky). But the chances of Wright coming back are negligible and it’s only two years.

  3. I thinks it’s a good signing – especially at the price. If he brings the same enthusiasm and leadership he did to the Yanks last year then that alone is worth the money as the Mets desperately try to change the rotten culture that festered in that clubhouse last year. It’s time for us all to just give up hoping David Wright will ever come back. As for Reyes and Cabrera – we could certainly use an upgrade over those two.

    • How can you say the clubhouse was rotten last year. We had those great clubhouse guys Granderson and Bruce. So that was a lie. It this guy is a great clubhouse guy and why do you care about his salary? Are you a Wilpon? Does it impact ticket prices? You like whatever Delcos likes. I think you are Delcos

      • I just recognize that John is a solid student of the game and i have a respect for people that have spent their careers covering professional athletes or played the game at a high level. Something I’m confident you have done neither of. And as much as i wish i was related to the Wilpons – I am not.
        To answer your questions; I never complained about the Frazier contract – on the contrary, the Mets got a steal! As for the clubhouse, after Bruce and Granderson left the Mets morale went straight into the dumpster. Without them and David Wright to offer any much needed leadership – not to mention a cranky Cabrera – the Mets bottomed out. Where were you the second half of the season? Watching old reruns of Maude?? Players were taking shots at the manager in the press and Gsellman and others were acting like crybabies! But at least we have Cespedes to keep Old Larry from taking his ball and going home! Btw, are you related to Greg Jefferies?

  4. He solves the corner position

    There is no David wright issue. He may never play again. What issue is there?

    Asdrubal may prefer second. I agree. He is better at second.

    It strengthens the bench because we don’t have a player with no clue at third playing the position.

    Not sure why you list Jose here as a plus. Wilmer is a much more valuable player. Jose shouldn’t even be on the team.