Mets Need To Find Out About Smith And Not Gonzalez

Do you remember last season when the talk surrounding the Mets was why weren’t they bringing up Dominic Smith?

SMITH: Give him a real chance. (AP)

SMITH: Give him a real chance. (AP)

They didn’t because the Mets already had a first baseman; because they still thought they had a chance to compete; and, most importantly, they didn’t think he was ready for prime time.

Well, they traded Lucas Duda; the injuries mounted and their season spun out of control; they finally brought up Smith and GM Sandy Alderson was correct – or partially so.

Smith, supposedly a defensive wizard, was erratic in the field. He hit with more power than expected, but his average and on-base percentage were worse than expected, and his attitude and conditioning weren’t what the Mets hoped.

Based on Smith’s limited window the Mets don’t believe he’s ready. Hopefully, Smith learned from last summer and rededicated himself and this might be the year he finds his game.

But, barring a dramatic turn, it won’t be in Flushing as the Mets for the start of this season at least are committed to Adrian Gonzalez. I would have preferred the Mets opened the season with Smith and given him a shot to live up to the expectations. With the Mets not anticipated to contend this year, this would be the perfect opportunity to see what the Mets have in the prospect.

Seriously, would Gonzalez put the Mets over the top? Of course not, and neither would Smith regardless of how well he plays this year.

But, the most important thing regarding Smith is to get an idea of what the Mets have in him. And, playing Gonzalez would only set the Mets back at least a year.

Just a ridiculous decision by Alderson.

9 thoughts on “Mets Need To Find Out About Smith And Not Gonzalez

  1. Adrian Gonzalez is a former multiple All-Star and was available for minimum wage. You need look no further than the last two words.

  2. I disagree with Delcos’s premise that:”the Mets not anticipated to contend this year.”

    So great move by the Mets putting instant credibility into the middle of the order and doing so at league minimum rather than relying on an unproven prospect who struggled in nearly all facets of the game upon his 2017 call up.

    Unlike Rosario, Smith has spent years dissing fitness and proper nutrition and will now have to earn his way back into the line up by first proving he’s now mature enough to do the right thing through proper self-discipline month after month.

    And that has to begin in Spring Training and carry over into another stint in AAA in a quicker, fitter version of the player who appeared at Citi and was no match for the speed of the game at the major league level.

    By adding both Gonzalez and Bruce, Mets inject two bona fide proven big leaguers into the lineup.

    If Smith does the right thing, he’ll be back in the majors in 2018 and better for it having learned valuable lessons and physically ready to be a major league ballplayer in earnest.

  3. The Metsecutives made a call. While they remain intrigued with Smith’s power and potential, they were disappointed with his work ethic and conditioning. That has to be a pretty universal opinion among Mets fans as well. At the same time, there was an opportunity to pick up a solid performer for the MLB minimum and create a handsome offensive platoon with Flores at 1B. This was a macro move in every sense. First and foremost, create the incentive for Dom Smith to get intensely serious about his future during the final Triple-A season in the offensively charged Pacific Coast League. If he and Gonzales produce, then the end of July could see Gonzales as a goner and Smith manning the first sack. They might even grab a prospect. And should they both fail, then Alderson & Co. signed Jay Bruce, who would move to 1B and clear some space for Conforto, Lagares and Nimmo in the OF. Lets give some credit where credit is due… these moves make the Mets deeper from every perspective.

  4. Gonzalez fits the narrative of the team trying to win.

    The season is built on a hope and a prayer

    We hope and pray the outfield returns healthy and can stay on the field

    We pray that the young stud pitchers can all be Cy Young.

    Gonzalez brings instant credibility. He used to be a feared player before he got hurt. So we pick him up for peanuts and point to his all star years and say this is what we have at first.

    It gives us a credible reason not to play Smith

    It may work

    Sometimes you need a kick in the pant to get better.

  5. John, I agree 100% with the article as written. Signing Gonzalez is a real headscratcher. Let Smith play this year so they know what they have as soon as possible.

  6. As fans we are not always privy to the machinations behind the scenes that Sandy may have in motion regarding Smith. He may have a serious suitor and is contemplating a deal but needs an insurance policy. Depending on how smith shows up and performs this spring may make the difference whether Sandy pulls the trigger on a potential deal. You just never know!