Small-Market Brewers Shame Mets

The Milwaukee Brewers have long been regarded as a small-market franchise while the Mets play in the country’s largest market. Yet, events over the past 24 hours paint the two franchises with different brushes: The Brewers as a team that wants to win while the Mets continue to take the cheap way out and give their fans no reason to come out this summer.

In a span of less than two hours last night the Brewers engineered a trade for outfielder Christian Yelich, a budding superstar, and then signed outfielder Lorenzo Cain to the largest free-agent contract of the winter.

Either of those moves separately would have improved the Mets, who yesterday signed Jose Reyes for $2 million to play a utility infield role if they sign either Todd Frazier or Neil Walker or Eduardo Nunez.  Any of those three combined with Reyes won’t substantially elevate the Mets to contending status.

As of now, the Mets can only be projected to finish ahead of Derek Jeter’s dumpster fire in Miami, who had scuttled their team to save money. In addition to the revenue the Marlins will make from the television networks, they will get another $50 million from the sale of MLB Advanced Media.

So, what Jeter is doing is what George Steinbrenner always hated – and something he always accused the Mets of doing – which is pocket the money derived from the networks and revenue sharing and not put it back into improving the team.

The Brewers ponied up four prospects for Yelich and $80 million over five years for Cain, prices that would force GM Sandy Alderson hang up the phone.



6 thoughts on “Small-Market Brewers Shame Mets

  1. It’s unfortunate that I can’t share this. We must be twins because I thought this myself. It seems time to create a second Grant’s Tomb (Citi Field style). The only language Wilpon understands is $$$$$!

  2. Mets projected to finish ahead of the Marlins. Now if we can only get Posada, Pettitte and Williams to form groups to buy the Braves, Phillies and Gnats, the Mets will win the NL East.

  3. Signing Bruce for 3 years and 39M and Reyes for 1 and 2M were far better moves than anyone signing Cain for 5 and 80M. I applaud Alderson and the team for not signing Cain to that contract. There was no match for Yelich, good player or not – not a centerfielder and Miami wasn’t going to take back Cespedes for him. They didn’t need 2 left fielders. In my mind, there is really not much market out there to significantly improve he team out there with anything better than what they have at any position (possibly 2nd base, but even that is arguable – I don’t know who it would be).

  4. I applaud the Brewers!! The Wilpons can’t come up with enough excuses to not to spend money. They just aren’t interested in the fans and providing them a consistent winner. It’s all just business to them. Plain and simple. Father, son and Saul don’t have a competitive gene in their body when it comes to baseball passion. Their philosophy is to do just enough to keep the majority of the fan base reasonably happy and if they field a winner now and then or land a decent free agent to appease us then it’s good business to them. As fans we are in denial. We want to think they care but deep down it hurts cause we know they really don’t.

    • Agreed uncle Freddy sucks

      We will hear in sprint about potential
      And then during the season our announcers will try and make it sound as if whoever is playing third really is not that bad because the official scorer won’t call an error if the player never tries for the ball.

      We will hear about the untapped potential of Travis who can’t throw a turtle out at second and can never seem healthy to play the year.

      We will hear how Wilmer is young and really is not that bad at any position they put him in where the reality is his glove is putrid. But at least he can hit the ball.

      And we will hear about the boundless energy of Jose and what a great job he is doing when in reality they should just let Gavin play or they should have let TJ play last year or really any number of middle infielders we have in the minors who are just flat better than this old player who just doesn’t care and will lose games for you.