Why The Mets Won’t Deal Nimmo

Sure, the Mets like Brandon Nimmo and don’t want to trade him. It’s understandable the Mets would rather sign a free agent than give up their young talent.

However, there’s more than just Nimmo’s upside that kept him a Met and prevented Andrew McCutchen and Josh Harrison from coming to New York. And, the reasons are something GM Sandy Alderson isn’t telling us.

NIMMO:  Why the Mets want him.  (Getty)

NIMMO: Why the Mets want him. (Getty)

The Mets know Nimmo can hit major league pitching on a limited basis – he hit .260 with a .379 on-base percentage last year through 69 games – and is worthy of a fulltime gamble.

If the Mets were truly a contender this season, it would have been worth the roll of the dice to trade him for McCutchen. That Alderson didn’t pull the trigger on that trade tells us the Mets aren’t ready for primetime.

Rejecting McCutchen also tells us the Mets wouldn’t be willing to offer him a multi-year deal while Nimmo is two years away from being pre-arbitration eligible.

There’s a third reason why the Mets want to hang onto Nimmo, and it is the uncertainty with surrounding the health of Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes.

Conforto (shoulder) will miss at least the first month of the season and nobody knows how much time Cespedes (hamstring) will miss at the start of 2018. And even if he does start the season, he missed substantial time over the past two seasons.

The Mets are perilously thin in the outfield with Jay Bruce, Juan Lagares and Nimmo the only immediate healthy bodies that represent any cost certainty.

6 thoughts on “Why The Mets Won’t Deal Nimmo

  1. I may be wrong, but I see a very bright future for Nimmo..and I hope it’s with the Mets..he reminds me of Yelich

  2. I don’t think much of Brandon
    He is a fourth outfielder
    In the minors he never developed into a star
    He is an ok fielder with a limited bat.
    Othing special
    His pluses are:
    He is young
    He is cheap
    He is controllable

  3. Brandon is certainly insurance
    But while there are injury concerns around mike and yoenis is anyone excited to see Brandon in the field over those 2?

    As much as McCutchen may have slipped I would rather have the problem of figuring out minutes for him, jay, yoenis and mike than having Brandon in reserve in case someone gets hurt.

  4. Nimmo. A star on the horizon. If anyone believed that on FO. Than they shouldn’t have signed one dimensional Jay Bruce.