Who Is On Alderson’s Shopping List?

Mets GM Sandy Alderson said he’s not done yet, which is odd because I didn’t even know he started. But, he added Jay Bruce you might say. But is adding the same person you traded last season really improving?

When the Mets traded Bruce to Cleveland, Aug. 9, they were nine games below .500 and 16.5 games out of first. Since they finished 22 games under .500 and 27 games out of first, I suppose you can make an argument the Mets did worse, fourth place is fourth place no matter how you cut it?

Alderson says he’ll likely add a free agent, and with third base a priority, Mike Moustakas, Todd Frazier, Eduardo Nunez, Jose Reyes and Neil Walker are the names being floated.

MOUSTAKAS: Forget it. He’s too expensive.

FRAZIER: They might be able to afford him, but eventually will balk at the salary (he made $12 million last year). He’s limited to playing only third. That Bruce gave him a lukewarm endorsement give the Mets pause. He’ll be 31 by Opening Day.

WALKER: He can play second and third, but left the Mets on strained terms. I’m not counting on him as the answer.

REYES: Has the added benefit of being able to play shortstop and will come cheaply. Signing just Reyes is basically filling a roster spot and shouldn’t be the lone remaining move.

NUNEZ: Is the bargain of the bunch. Was on the verge of becoming a star while with the Twins but never reached the next level. He’s only 30 which is a plus, so is his $4.2 million salary. Also, a plus is that he can play anywhere in the infield, which would make bringing back Reyes not necessary.


7 thoughts on “Who Is On Alderson’s Shopping List?

  1. I know percentages are the basis of ‘future outcomes’ but as someone who has seen so many acquisitions come to the Mets with justifiable percentage performance only to hit the wall once here – I must question the decision making premise.

    Sure there are dogs which no team will test out. But determining whether to go with a player with a 280 career batting average compared to one with 260?

    Does Alderson, or any talent scout on the Mets, truly have the ability to evaluate talent?

    I see a fat, lazy, streaky hitting outfielder with less that 50-50 odds…the Mets sign him anyway….
    Just can’t understand it.

    If they make this kind of decision at that payroll level how can we expect much with middle level players?

    • Because he is cheap and you may find lightning in the bottle

      But no. I don’t get the impressions they care about scouts much. Just numbers

  2. I was surprised to hear Bruce’s less than enthusiastic endorsement of Frazier! Sandy was probably gonna pass anyway because Todd is looking a bit above the range the Mets want to spend for a .220 hitter. Still not sure why he wasn’t more aggressive with McCutchen. Straight swap Nimmo for McCutchen is tempting even if it was a one year rental!! That was nothing more than Sandy afraid of the Murphy syndrome. It’s just sucks to think the Giants got Cutch and Longoria. McCutchen, Conforto and Bruce in the outfield would’ve been nice to imagine!

  3. I did not see anything about Bruce mentioning Frazier . where is that quoted or do you have the words used?