Bruce The First Step

I’m glad the Mets will bring back Jay Bruce, but not satisfied. There are those applauding GM Sandy Alderson’s patience today for letting the market come back to him and there’s a degree of truth to that line of thinking.

BRUCE: That's the first step. (AP)

BRUCE: That’s the first step. (AP)

However, I’m not ready to jump on the Alderson bandwagon because Bruce isn’t nearly enough:

  • The Mets, because of David Wright’s uncertainty, need a third baseman. The market is ignoring Todd Frazier, so that’s a possibility, but how much will he cost? He’ll want at least three years at close to what Bruce is making.
  • They have the potential to have a solid bullpen, but another reliable late-inning arm would be helpful. As long as the Mets are in a reunion mode, Addison Reed is still available.
  • Hoping has always been a Mets’ strategy, and this time it is for the healthy returns of Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard. They won’t be perfect here, so another veteran arm will be needed.
  • Even if they fill all those voids, there’s still the matter of Yoenis Cespedes and Michael Conforto coming back from their injuries.

That’s a lot of things that need to happen for the Mets to become competitive again, but for now, I’ll just say cheers to Bruce.

Even the longest journies begin with a single step and Bruce is the first.


17 thoughts on “Bruce The First Step

  1. Alderson only jumped back into the Bruce sweepstakes because of the fans reaction to their inaction this off season. And you’re right, they still have work to do. I can’t see them spending any real big bucks on the other available big free agents. Bruce got cold feet and took the Mets money. Maybe they can get a deal for Frazier the same way and his longing to stay the local hero! Then add another bullpen arm and maybe, just maybe, with some luck with the starting rotation the Mets may able to compete in 2018.

    • B.Lipp: I think you might be right about why Alderson went after Jay Bruce. Probably the same reason he went after Cespedes the second time. I don’t mind Frazier. His market might be down because the Yankees are waiting until next winter when they’ll chase Manny Machado. Still not ready for prime time.-JD

  2. I really hope the Mets ignore Frazier too. If he wasn’t from NJ the NY media wouldn’t care about him.

  3. I would like reed to come back.

    Steve and Zach have yet to prove anything. Steve at least showed a few years ago he can pitch at this level. Both have to prove they can be effective over one season. Zach needs to prove he can step on the field

    Matt has a lot to prove. Namely that he can control the ball again. Last year he struggled thru 4 innings.

    Yoenis will always be hurt. We have to hope he can stay on the field long enough to make a difference.

    We can hope mike can come back healthy at some point and prove he is the player we hope him to be

    As for Frazier. I don’t know if he can play defense or not. I know he hits 200 which doesn’t make me excited.

    David is done. How many years ago did he play? I can’t remember. Each year he gets older and he already was getting older.

    • Oh yes and for Frazier, he hit in the band box that is yankee stadium. If he hits 200 and he comes to the smaller Shea stadium will his bat matter? If he doesn’t play stellar defense would his signing be an upgrade over anyone?

  4. As for sandy and his acumen. Since good veteran players abound and we have huge needs will he be allowed to sign anyone? In past years his signings have been mostly junk.

    With the exception of a few players most have been awful.

    He is a numbers guy not a baseball guy. Maybe Omar can help him with the baseball part. He is supposed to be a good scout.

  5. John – Your ‘obsession’ with the possibility of Wright contributing to the 2018 Mets screws up your ability to recognize just how troubled the lineup is.

  6. I agree – Bruce is step 1. I also tend to agree with your order of importance from this point forward. (1) Infield defense and reliability. If that means going out and getting a Harrison to play 2nd or a Frazier to play third and move Cabrerra to 2nd, that is fine. I have a feeling that the best 2nd base option is already in the system – named Luis Guillorme. The kid has hit whereever he has been and he is touted to be ‘the best glove in the system’. While I understand he has not played above AA, he held his own in the AFL . see what he does in Spring Training and put him at 2nd for good. I’d love to see Rosario and Guillorme grow together a la Trammel and Whitaker. With that said, I am not rooting for a trade for Harrison, but I would be good with signing Frazier for 3rd and having Cabrerra either the first utility guy and depth or trade for other depths if his salary is a luxury. (2) Bullpen. definitely second on the list. I see the opinions on Reed, but there would need to be something else done for that to be the right move (trade Ramos?). They seem to be pretty right handed out there – perhaps Tony Watson would be a good option as perhaps the best lefty FA left and probably a bit cheaper than Reed. The bullpen kinda flows in to (3) IF healthy, there are a lot of starters with good/great arms. Obviously deGrom and Thor make a great top of the rotation, but I firmly believe that Matz is a solid #3 and have a feeling that Calloway and Eiland will get Harvey back on track. Wheeler, not so confident with . .more later, leaving Gsellman, Lugo, and Montero. I’m done with Montero . ok for a #7 starter, but not building the staff around him. Between Gsellman and Lugo, they should be able to fill the #5 slot. If they were to bring in another innings eater at a reasonable cost, I wouldn’t complain much, but I just don’t think it is the top priority at this point. Back to Wheeler. My gut feel is that he has the arm to be a better bullpen piece than Reed . . why spend more money when the in-house options could already be there?

    • Remember1969: Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. … The Miracle Mets of 69 also didn’t have a great lineup, but there was something special about that team, beginning with Hodges, Seaver and Koosman. … I don’t see them bringing up Guillorme soon. I think they’ll do the same thing they did with Rosario. … It never did pan out for Josh Edgin so I agree another lefty is needed. -JD

    • I want Steve to prove he can stay on the field and has adjusted to dropping his second best pitch.

      Guillorme is indeed intriguing, I just think it’s early to be thinking of him.

      Matt has to prove himself to me again. I wouldn’t pencil him in the rotation.

      I think the media is enfatuated with the new coach and his magical powers.

      Wheeler has to prove he can even pitch..