What About Jose Reyes?

The Mets already have an idea of what will happen with David Wright‘s comeback. We know they won’t shell out big free-agent bucks for Mike Moustakas, or even lesser bucks for Todd Frazier. T.J. Rivera‘s health is a question and the Mets have nothing waiting in the minor leagues.

The Mets have a hole at third, and also one at second if something happens to Asdrubal Cabrera.

So, what about Jose Reyes?

He played well in spots in his return, has shown a willingness to play third and second, and of course, he can spell Amed Rosario at shortstop if necessary. He still has speed but doesn’t run as much as he did in his younger days. He won’t cost the Mets a lot of money, and his price tag won’t touch the $10 million they reportedly have available to spend.

Reyes has been a model citizen since rejoining the Mets, and has professed a desire to stay with the team. So, what’s the delay? The only conclusion I can think of is GM Sandy Alderson wants to squeeze every dollar from Reyes, or whomever he might sign this winter.


6 thoughts on “What About Jose Reyes?

  1. He was terrible last year, not that good in 2016, and terrible in 2015, not good in 2014.

    They shouldn’t bring him back, but I fully expect they will

  2. His defense is awful

    I think I saw something with those advanced metrics that showed he is negative.

    He is still a head case and got picked off second because he was strolling back to second picking his nose.

    I don’t want him on the team. He doesn’t hustle. His head is not in the game. Etc

    There are probably far more fundamentally sound veterans to be had for the same price that can show how to play the game rather than how not to play the game.

    When he was younger his raw talent overshadowed his faults.

    No more.

    • If you want a fill in we have cheap young players who are hungry to play middle infield, I rather give them a spot on the roster.

  3. As much as I enjoy reading your views John, I think you are delusional and in denial when you consider David Wright, and to a lesser degree Jose Reyes. It has been YEARS and YEARS since either has been a player. One year later, in 2018, do you think either has uncovered the fountain of youth?

    We have 2 players for the infield – including the catching position – the new shortstop and the old shortstop. Other than that it’s just making believe.

    • Mark: As for Wright, I prefer to think of it as “wishful thinking.” Regarding Reyes, I threw that out there because I was getting antsy for the Mets to do something, anything. But, overall, I agree with you. Just once, I’d like the Mets to enter spring training with givens across the board. Thanks for your comment.-JD