Wonder If Mets Regret Signing Cespedes Now?

Congratulations to those who took the under of four days as the time it would take for me to rip Mets’ GM Sandy Alderson for spending $110 million for Yoenis Cespedes.

However, it’s not something new sparked by recent talk of the Mets being in financial distress or only have $10 million left to spend for next year.

CESPEDES: Think Mets regret him now? (AP)

CESPEDES: Think Mets regret him now? (AP)

That they only have that much remaining in their budget stems from several factors, beginning with owner Fred Wilpon still reeling financially from the Ponzi scandal. It also includes the Wilpon’s reported reluctance to spend, or should I say, history of spending foolishly.

For all the talk about Alderson being such a smart general manager, there were so many reasons why Cespedes was such a bad signing.

First, with the Mets under such financial stress, and with so many future monetary obligations and gaping holes, $110 million was too much to spend on one player, especially if that player wasn’t going to put them over the top, something I wrote after the 2015 World Series.

Secondly, there is the nagging question: If this guy is so good, why would three previous teams trade him? If you’re considered to be a centerpiece player, teams would want to keep you.

There is also the matter of Cespedes’ injury history, his reputation of hustling only when the matter suits him, and his diva tendencies.

Readers of this site know I’ve never been a fan of Cespedes for the above reasons with the money being the ultimate factor. The Mets have too many holes to fill, and $29 million over the next two years and $29.5 million in three years would have gone a long way to fill them.

For somebody supposedly as smart as Alderson, one would have thought he would have figured that out. So, if you’re out there on Opening Day and wonder why the Mets’ roster looks like it does today, just look out to left field.

Whether Cespedes is there or not, you’ll have your answer.


5 thoughts on “Wonder If Mets Regret Signing Cespedes Now?

  1. Cespedes was a very good signing. But not for the NY baseball team that operates as if it resides in Kansas City.

    If any of you recall, Fred Wilpon explicitly maintained (circa 1999) that the Mets would be financially operated separately and independently from their ownership in Sterling Equities Corp.
    Too bad that Fred did not account for the ponzi-scheme that was to affect his operation of the aforementioned!
    Promises, promises …………

  2. Yoenis was a good signing. He was the only impact bat we had and the only one on the market.

    Without him our lineup was literally pathetic.

    Yes he is a diva and yes he doesn’t hustle and yes his defense is pathetic.

    But his bat is special.

    You want to talk injuries? The whole team is injured. It’s not specific to him.

    Signing him is not the reason we lose.

    The reason we lose is because the owner is incompetent

  3. Terrible signing! Only done to satisfy a vocal fan base begging to keep the hero of 2015. Alderson knew what he was getting. The gamble hasn’t panned out. Do they ever for this club?