Handling Of Lagares Illustrates True Mets’ Dysfunction

Because the Mets are willing to trade Juan Lagares – despite the health concerns with Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes – further underscores the dysfunction of the Wilpon ownership and their lieutenant GM Sandy Alderson.

LAGARES: Another dysfunctional move. (Getty)

LAGARES: Another dysfunctional move. (Getty)

That the Mets signed Lagares to a five-year, $23.5-million contract in the first place based purely on potential was a reasonable idea gone bad because they never gave him a chance play fulltime and develop his stroke and plate presence.

Alderson gave him that contract, and yet didn’t let him play. When Lagares eventually played injuries forced him out of the lineup. Now, with Lagares presumably healthy, they are willing, perhaps even eager, to trade him to free up payroll despite their outfield holes.

Is this something an organization committed to winning does?

Ideally, since the Marlins are in a selling mode, I’d like for them to pursue Christian Yelich, but that’s just a pipe dream. So are Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson.

In the Mets’ dream world, they would like to deal Lagares’ $6-million 2018 contract and spend the savings on Jay Bruce, who’ll they’ll also play at first base because they don’t have faith in Dominic Smith.

Then, because their farm system is barren, they can deal Smith. Basically, it’s paying your VISA bill with a cash advance from American Express.

Reportedly, Alderson will have only $10 million to transform this team that finished 22 games below .500 into a contender. And, don’t forget this is a team with holes at first, second and third, the outfield, and in the rotation.

Oh, and they’ll need another reliever if they deal AJ Ramos’ $9-million contract.

And, you guys wonder why I am negative about Alderson and this team at times?

9 thoughts on “Handling Of Lagares Illustrates True Mets’ Dysfunction

  1. Remember, they were all set to start Conforto in Vegas in 2017 — that was the effing plan!

  2. This front office couldn’t make a deal anyways. If Lagares is on the team no more platoon. He is you CF. Mets seemed to have totally forgotten Flores who happened to be their #3 productive hitter last year. If there is so much concern about his fielding at 3B and 2B. Make him the everyday 1B. He certainly can handle that. I am assuming Wright is done! If not he will need to be a first basmen.

  3. Thank You. I thought I was the only person that thought that Lagares was messed up royally by not being able to play by having a defined role. I still think if given the opportunity and stability in the lineup, (and leadoff is a possible slot in my mind), that he could be a productive major league player worth more than the small contract he has. If the Mets trade him for a mere $15M salary dump, they will be making a big mistake.

  4. John Delcos,

    Alderson is an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to build a roster on a budget. It’s Wilpons Coupons that you hate; and we have every reason to be negative.


  5. In the end the issue with the Mets is ownership.
    Until we can sell the owner for a bag of balls we will suck.

  6. Actually your views are more than fair and highly reflective of how most true fans and the media evaluate this organization. It’s just not committed to winning. The worst thing that could of happened was 2015. The Wilpons feel we fans should be satisfied they fielded a winner for us just 3 short seasons ago. We can’t expect to a World series appearance every year. We gotta ride the ups with the downs and settle for the lean with the ample. The owners simply won’t talk and the GM intimidates anyone who tries to question. Maybe the fans should then do all the talking by boycotting this team. For goodness sake, stay away from Citi Field for one season. Let’s do what Giants fans did for Eli. They complained LOUDLY and Mara and Tisch in the end were forced to listen. Don’t give this club one more cent and maybe, just maybe, they’ll sell. Or at least they’ll know that we aren’t all a bunch of foolish morons that need to throw our hard earned money away at a mediocre product.

    • Fred Wilpon and his Idiot Kid are worst thing to happen to the Mets franchise. Doubleday knew it and got out. Bud Selig protected these bums through the Madoff scandal. Mets fans are still paying the price. Rob Manfred has to step up and step in!