Mets Extend Alderson To More Of The Same

Mets fans got an early Christmas present yesterday in their stocking late yesterday afternoon. It was a lump of coal with the announcement GM Sandy Alderson’s extension, speculated to be two years in a year-to-year format.

ALDERSON: Expect more of the same. (AP)

ALDERSON: Expect more of the same. (AP)

That means next winter’s free-agent market – with Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw highlighting the most prominent class in years – will presumably not include the Mets as shoppers.

They aren’t even expected to retain their own marquee free agent Matt Harvey.

That means Mets fans can expect their team’s biggest free-agent ventures will be more along the lines of pursuing veterans well past their prime, such as first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Alderson’s Mets’ zenith came in 2015 when everything fell together after the acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes and the team caught fire and reached the World Series.

Cespedes was re-signed that winter to a $110-million, four-year package that has financially crippled the Mets since. Alderson then cast off Daniel Murphy, the post-season hero who became an All-Star with Washington.

The Mets reached the postseason again in 2016, but were bounced in the wild-card game by San Francisco. The Giants, like the Mets, have fallen onto hard times, but San Francisco just traded for All-Star Evan Longoria while New York is debating on Gonzalez, whom they’ll get for a song with the Braves picking up the bulk of his contract.

The Mets will be on the hook for the major league minimum of $545,000, with the Braves paying the balance of his $22.4 million contract.

But, the major-league minimum – with Alderson operating the franchise as the Wilpon’s wish – is what the Mets are about these days.

6 thoughts on “Mets Extend Alderson To More Of The Same

  1. Harvey? A marquee FA? I don’t think so. Thank God we didn’t sign him (or Wheeler )to those extensions everybody was so worried about. It seems like most long term FA signings don’t work, some even starting with the first season. Farm systems and young players seem like the way to go.

  2. This is exactly what Mets fans expected this off season. The Wilpons continue to put their franchise in the hands of a GM that isn’t suited for the new York market! Sandy continues to lack creativity and is once again just a spectator this off season. Sandy is going to put all his faith in an upstart manager and his pitching coach and think that should do the trick in turning this club around. Unless those two can pitch and hit all the teaching and retooling in the world is going to do absolutely nothing for this club. Time is running out for obtaining the few remaining top notch performers. But in the typical Sandy way he’ll just wait for spring to see how all these question marks pan out and hope the dice he rolled on this bargain bin crew turn up some winners. However, Mets fans no better. It’s not going to work out the way Sandy hopes it does. Even if some players rebound, this team still isn’t near as good as it was at this time last year. There are so many gaping holes and nothing but spare parts available to step in.

  3. I am reading that because of the new agreement a lot of very good players may not get the contracts they were expecting. Perhaps this is sandy’s Plan to just go cheap and wait for good players to give up and sign for what they can. Of course the Mets won’t be a desired destination as we sucked last year..

  4. Once again dear Delcos doesn’t get it. The Mets aren’t playing for the big boys because of Alderson. The Mets aren’t playing because the owners won’t shell out the bucks again. Any GM hires instead of him would be working under the same parameters. But whatever whine about the wrong guy

  5. …. and now they just announced they rehired Omar Minaya??? Are you kidding me? When does the dysfunction end with this organization. Do the Wilpons think that bringing back a bumbling ex-GM instead of signing or trading for top notch players to actually play the game will pacify the fans??? It’s time we fans boycott this franchise and make the Wilpons really feel it in their wallet. They are arrogant, disloyal and treat their fan base with contempt!! What’s next – hiring Mr. MET as 3rd Base Coach??? Or maybe they’ll call Tom Seaver and ask him if he wants to sell hot dogs at Citi Field. Don’t they understand the young baseball fans of new York are seeing the stars the Yankees are putting on the field???