How Big A Step Back Did Mets Take Last Summer?

In many circles, the Mets were favorites to reach the World Series in 2017, and by most accounts, injuries derailed those aspirations. They finished manager Terry Collins’ last season as manager 22 games below .500 after scuttling their roster at the deadline.

That seems to be a lot of ground to make up even after adding depth to their bullpen with the free-agent signing of Anthony Swarzak to a two-year deal.

Several reviews of the Mets’ Winter Meetings’ needs mention a set-up reliever, and outfielder/first baseman and second baseman as to what is on GM Sandy Alderson’s shopping list, and cite Addison Reed, Jay Bruce and Neil Walker by name.

The Mets traded all three last summer for a group of relievers that might not make the Opening Day roster.

Surely, if the Mets kept all three, and still added Swarzak, they might still be regarded as a serious contender, even with the health questions surrounding Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes.

The best chance to re-sign a free agent is to make sure he doesn’t leave in the first place, but that requires an ability to spend. Whether they bring back Bruce, all three, or stun us and sign a name player, it will cost money. The bottom line is the Mets have to spend it if they are going to win. That is the idea, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “How Big A Step Back Did Mets Take Last Summer?

  1. It’s always the same sad story for this “big” market team…. As long as the Wilpons are in control the dollars are never spent. Put a winner on the field and watch the attendence and the dollars soar.

  2. It’s jard to believe a guy who has been around the game is so out of touch about Free agency. If the Mets kept all those guys last Summer they’d still be gone as all of them are free agents. No free agent is signing two months before he hits the open market. Do you understand that a team doesn’t own a guy forever and it’s been this way since before most fans were born.

  3. Old Harry: You missed the point, which is if they kept (re-signed) them, they wouldn’t be in the position of having to replace them. In this case, trying to get them back. How hard is that for you to understand?-JD

    • No dear Delcos. You miss the point. Guys don’t sign in last year unless you overpay a lot. You are living in the distant past. And to bring up your fantasy is just silly. If the Mets want them pay and they will all come back. And who do you want keep. Bad back Walker got multiple years. Bruce for 5. Right. Join the new Century

  4. The Metsies should sign the KC third baseman at 20 million a year. Cheaper than signing Bruce 13 million a year and Kipnis 13 million a year.

  5. It’s not that the Wilson’s don’t spend money.

    They do. It’s just that they are foolish.

    I think the recent past we have spent good money on broken players.

    I don’t know what uncle Freddy wants. We have a gm whose sole purpose is to bring down the cost of the team,

    Yes sandy has built up the minors so it’s not a joke. We promoted a bunch of players the last few years to help the club. But as you say last year we had hope, which flames out into a disaster. And then we sold everything for a bag of balls.

    If we had kept jay for example we could have offered him a contract and if he decided to leave would have received a draft pick. Reed perhaps the same. The others had no real value.

    We have huge holes to fill and we have added one relief pitcher.
    The off-season is not over but talk is of adding a marginal first baseman in case smith doesn’t pan out, a second baseman where we have plenty of internal options and I guess Cabrera at third. Cabrera is an ok player. But he is a fill in at third.

    We won’t go out and try and get a legit third baseman, another outfielder because our two impact players are hurt, a catcher because the internal options are about as good as any journeyman and often outplayed by them or a solid second baseman.

    Oh. And a starting pitcher because we say to anyone who will listen that our pitchers are not good enough to pitch past 5. Which is saying we have a rotation of AAA pitchers.