Why Are Mets Even At The Winter Meetings?

Why are the Mets even at the Winter Meetings? We knew all along they wouldn’t land Giancarlo Stanton, but even Adam Lind might be out of their league. The Mets’ plan is to wait for the price to drop for a quality reliever or a second baseman.

So basically, what the Mets’ roster looks like today is pretty much what it will look like on Opening Day.

STANTON: Mystery is over. (Getty)

STANTON: Mystery is over. (Getty)

GM Sandy Alderson said the Mets wanted bullpen help, but Brandon Morrow and Luke Gregerson are now off the board – at $11 million a season which the Mets were never going to pay – and reportedly their first target Bryan Shaw wants three years, which they’ll never give.

The Mets’ plan is to wait out the market and hope somebody falls into their lap.

“We are not going to chase players. There are a lot of guys out there,’’ Alderson said. “We think there are some values out there to the extent the market gets overheated. I don’t think we will jump into the inferno, but we want to improve our bullpen.’’

Yeah, and I want to win the lottery.

Ian Kinsler and Jason Kipnis have been mentioned as possible trade targets, but Alderson said: “Our farm system right now is not brimming with prospects, so in that sense, making a trade isn’t as attractive. On the other hand, making a trade, giving up a minimal number of talented players for maybe someone who can help us on a shorter deal or what have you, there are pluses and minuses to each approach.’’

What that means, is the Mets are willing to trade but only if they don’t have to give up anything.

So, they aren’t going to sign any free agents and won’t make any trades. What they will do is hope for their pitchers to get healthy.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

8 thoughts on “Why Are Mets Even At The Winter Meetings?

  1. Here’s a idea. Harvey for Ellsbury and the YAnks throw in cash,30 million?, and one or two decent prospects. Ellsbury bats lead off and plays center and hopefully one of the prospects makes it.

  2. This is not news

    We knew this before the season ended

    The Mets are poor because the owners suck and are still hurting from the Ponzi scheme

    I read something where the GM might think about defense rather than entertaining players at short stop with no glove, or starting center fielders with no experience whatsoever in the outfield.

    Or starting a player at first base who never played there.

    There are so many problems with the team and the team sits there and thinks the injury riddled pitching staff will have 5 players with 20 wins, that the pen will be brimming with talent, that we will have a player at third who won’t embarrass us, or even at second.we will find a third outfielder from magic pixie dust and our catchers will be as good as Johnny bench