Mets Tender Contracts To Nine

As expected, the Mets tendered 2018 contracts to all nine of their arbitration-eligible players today. The list includes four of their projected starters and two back-end relievers.

Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler were offered contracts, as were Jeurys Familia, AJ Ramos and Hansel Robles, catcher Travis d’Arnaud and infielder Wilmer Flores.

This action ensures these players will play for the Mets next season. Any arbitration-eligible player tendered to a contract must either accept the offer or go through an arbitration hearing.

All nine are expected to go through the arbitration process.


One thought on “Mets Tender Contracts To Nine

  1. Not really a surprise

    Matt has potential to be useful if he fixes many things
    Zack has talent but can’t make the field
    Ramos we just got
    Robles has a live arm with no control
    Travis was key to trading our cy young but is always injured and is just not as good as the journeymen catchers we bring in every year
    Jeurys was our closer
    Wilmer has a bat and no glove, footwork or arm.