Would You Trade A Package That Includes Cespedes And Harvey For Stanton?

Derek Jeter is hell bent on trading Giancarlo Stanton, primarily because he wants to shed the Miami Marlins of his $295-million salary. Now, we know the Mets don’t have the barrel of young talent to sway Jeter, but what if they offered a package that includes Yoenis Cespedes, Steven Matz, Matt Harvey, Hansel Robles and Juan Lagares?

I would offer it if I were the Mets, but would you?

STANTON: How much would you give for him? (Getty)

STANTON: How much would you give for him? (Getty)

This is a five-for-one trade, and the Mets would be adding to three voids in the Marlins’ 25-man roster – starting pitching, bullpen and outfield, and in doing so would slice Miami’s payroll.

Cespedes, of course, isn’t near the player of Stanton, but assuming he’s healthy, the Mets would be giving the Marlins a bat of 35-homer potential plus he would be a gate attraction for Miami’s huge Cuban population base. And, considering Cespedes has a home in Vero Beach, Fla., he might be inclined to accept the trade.

The Marlins have a strong outfield of Stanton, Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna, but possess little depth, which is why Lagares might be enticing to them.

The Marlins are in desperate need of starting pitching, but they would be taking a gamble about the health of Matz and Harvey. While the Mets have their issues with Robles, he’s not exactly a throw-in.

The Marlins are so desperate to get rid of Stanton’s salary they just might bite on this proposal. As for the Mets, this would be so ballsy of them to pull it off.  And, if they did, I promise I wouldn’t rip GM Sandy Alderson ever again.

Or, at least not until Opening Day.

8 thoughts on “Would You Trade A Package That Includes Cespedes And Harvey For Stanton?

  1. This trade proposal is non-starter.

    Cespedes has full no trade clause, loves playing for the Mets and isn’t going to waive it to go to a team in major self-off, in rebuild looking to cut salary down to bare bones. Yelich and Nunez may also be on their way out.

    It also makes no sense for Miami to trade for one-year of an injury prone two-consecutive year awful Harvey.

    Nor to trade for the injury prone Matz and the expensive one-way player in Lagares.

    From Mets standpoint, Stanton is owed 295 mil. Even if Marlins pick up some salary, I find it rather stunning to believe they’ll pick up more than he’s owed till his opt out.

  2. If for some crazy reason the Wilpons would take on his salary I’d make the deal in a heartbeat!!! You can trade Legares, Robles and Harvey for the hot dog vendor as far as i’m concerned! The Cespedes signing was so typical of the mets. An over rated showboat that winds up on the DL more than on the field. Listen, Stanton had a incredible year but don’t expect him to continue to walk on water for the life of his contract. He’ll give a team some really good years I’m sure but he’s not Joey votto or mike trout. He can certainly carry a team – so can Cespedes – but I’d rather Stanton over Cespedes any day!!

  3. I want both imagine an outfield of Stanton,Comforto and Cepedes.We can give them salary relief and prospects and some pitching.Smith too

  4. LongTimeFan1: I referred to Cespedes’ no-trade and injury history of Harvey and Matz. I know it is a long shot. Just trying to have fun on a slow news day.-JD

  5. I wouldn’t do this trade from either side. From the Mets side, giving up 5 pieces creates way too many holes to create at one time while getting one piece back, albeit a very good one. Also, I do not tend to like big contracts like that, even for the best players. From the Marlins side, if I am a GM, I want to some top prospects back, not a few players that could be good ones, but all have downsides, while none are prospects to build with.

  6. Matz and Flores might get her done if the Mets take on that contract.Reyes,Stanton,Cespedes, Conforto, Cabrera, Smith,dArnaud,Rosario, pretty good,pretty,pretty good.