Mets Trying To Light A Fire Under Smith

Dominic Smith is done with the Mets if they are able to sign – and each one of these guys will get at least three years – Carlos Santana, Jay Bruce, Logan Morrison or Adam Lind, then where does that leave Smith?

Certainly not on the fast track to Flushing.

SMITH: Mets trying to motivate Smith. (Getty)

SMITH: Mets trying to motivate Smith. (Getty)

Smith did not distinguish himself last summer – but did hit nine homers in 183 plate appearances – and GM Sandy Alderson indicated as much, saying he “didn’t win [the job] in September.’’

Smith was the Mets’ second-ranked prospect at the time of his promotion, but despite the surprise in his power, he was a disappointment in his plate discipline and on-base percentage, and defense, which was supposed to be his strong suit. In addition, Alderson was upset, and rightfully so, about Smith’s conditioning.

“Dominic’s going to have to be careful about his conditioning, certainly in the next few years, if not throughout his career,’’ Alderson said at the GM Meetings last week. “He was in excellent shape coming into Spring Training. … As happens with any long season, fitness dissipates and he’s put on some weight.’’

If the Mets surprise us all and sign a free-agent, Smith will undoubtedly open the season at Triple-A Las Vegas. That’s fine for 2018, but what about the following two years?

Barring an injury, that would leave Smith stuck in the minor or a reserve, because for the money the Mets would pay a free-agent, he’d have to be above Smith. And considering his play last season, Smith would have to tear it up in the minor leagues in 2018 to build up his trade value.

Smith hit .198 with a .262 on-base percentage and struck out 49 times [with only 14 walks] in 49 games. Those are lousy numbers that don’t merit coming into spring training with a job waiting for him.

So, what are the Mets’ first base options?

There’s signing a free-agent, of course, which seems a long shot because the Mets don’t want to spend the money. They could go into next season with a platoon of Smith and Wilmer Flores, which probably is how they’ll go, or they could stick with Smith.

I think the free-agent talk, coupled with the criticism about his weight, is designed to light a fire under Smith.

5 thoughts on “Mets Trying To Light A Fire Under Smith

  1. Give a Flores a shot,a real shot. Give him 100-150 ABs. And see what happens. I’m seeing a 25 homer, 80 RBI guy batting behind Conforto and Ces.

  2. And yet first base is not our most pressing issue

    We have no 3rd baseman.

    We have one legit pitcher who wasn’t hurt the whole year.

    But yes. First base is of course a priority.

    • Dave,Cabrera is the 3B unless the Mets don’t get a 2B in a trade or as a FA. Lagares gets his shot at CF. They sign a good set up guy, and sign another guy for the BP. Then cross their fingers and hope the pitchers are healthy.

  3. Please someone help me understand this!!! So Alderson is giving Smith a vote of no confidence after just 6 weeks in the show?? The same GM that sticks with guys like Montero, Plawecki, D’arnaud and a cast of subpar relievers?? He has given that lot of losers not only weeks but months and seasons to demonstrate their lack of talent. If this is his style of motivation then where was this tough talk over the years with some of the guys i just named. Instead he gave those dud’s a vote of confidence at every turn. And what about gsellman for goodness sake? He got away with dissing Sandy in front of the world and he’s probably got a seat at the Alderson thanksgiving day dinner table. Montero has had three years to show us he’s horrible. Meanwhile our catchers get chance after chance to show their mediocrity and worse. Just don’t get it!!!

  4. What B. Lipp said – Exactly! I don’t understand this. While it is true that Smith did not do as well as Mike Trout or even Rhys Hoskins for 6 weeks, he is still a former #1 pick that has been progressing well thru the minors. I will take his 9 homers and a new hitting coach and build around him. At this point, from a fan standing a long way away, First Base is about the 8th highest priority at this time. If I had one concern with Smith it is the conditioning and getting too big, not his small sample size stat line. Show confidence in him – give him a weight to report at, tell him he is starting at first base and let him grow into it. (figuratively, not literally :-) ) .