Alderson Takes Long List To GM Meetings

Mets GM Sandy Alderson is in Florida for the General Managers Meetings, which is pretty much batting practice the Winter Meetings. Alderson will kick the tires with agents on potential free-agents and on his colleagues on possible trades.

Here are the holes Alderson wants to fill:

Rotation: The Mets have one proven arm in Jacob deGrom, and another they hope is back in Noah Syndergaard. Everybody else is a significant question: Matt Harvey, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler are all coming off injuries; Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman and Rafael Montero are coming off so-so seasons, and can start or relieve.

The Mets are seeking a veteran arm that hopefully can give the Mets at least 180 innings. Jason Vargas and Lance Lynn have been mentioned as possibilities.

Bullpen: Despite the trades Alderson made last summer, none of those relievers established themselves to the point where they are the proven arm to fit in behind Jeurys Familia, AJ Ramos and Jerry Blevins. They could always bring back Addison Reed or go with Cleveland Bryan Shaw. Both will command over $7 million, but after picking up Blevins’ option, and going through arbitration with Familia and Ramos, they already have three relievers making over $7 million.

Position players: They already committed to Asdrubal Cabrera, but will he play third or second? Let’s face it, they aren’t going to spend the money or have the prospects to acquire Todd Frazier, Dee Gordon, Jason Kipnis, Logan Morrison or Jay Bruce.

If the Mets had Bruce in the outfield, with Frazier at third, Gordon or Kipnis at second and Morrison at first, they could have a pretty formidable offense, but if their rotation isn’t sound it would be irrelevant.


4 thoughts on “Alderson Takes Long List To GM Meetings

    • Sorry. Nope. At 26, if I can pencil Flores in for 30 HRs for the next five years and playing 2B, I’ll take that over Gordon everyday and twice on Sunday.

  1. Dont expect much from Sandy at these meetings. The hot stove only starts to warm up at these talks and Sandy will do little to nothing. He’ll do his usual inquiries only to find out just how little deal making the Mets can actually make by spring. Don’t be fooled by all this touh talk on Dom Smith either. Sandy’s not giving up on this kid by any stretch. This is just a little motivational speech from the GM hoping to light an off season fire under the less than spectacular rookie. Sure he needs more seasoning either in Triple-A or a veteran to share time. But Sandy will never let him go and let him turn into the next murphy or turner. Besides, he’s cheap payroll and the Wilpons would never pass up paying little for mediocrity as opposed to spending big bucks for established talent!

    • Yes dom is cheap.

      But really he had a few weeks in his first time in the majors.

      Jose spent most of the season sucking and we ran him out every day