Is There A Fit Between Bruce And Mets?

Published reports say the Mets are encouraged because they hear free-agent Jay Bruce is willing to play first base. However, they can’t be thrilled Bruce is seeking an extension of at least $90 million over four years.

Perhaps that’s like screening your calls. Throw out a figure that you know GM Sandy Alderson won’t meet.

BRUCE: Where's the fit? (AP)

BRUCE: Where’s the fit? (AP)

If the Mets are sincerely interested in Bruce it says several things: 1) they aren’t enamored with prospect Dominic Smith, and/or, 2) they aren’t encouraged about the physical health of Michael Conforto (left shoulder) or Yoenis Cespedes (hamstring).

Assuming neither Conforto nor Cespedes are ready by Opening Day, the Mets will have an outfield of Brandon Nimmo, Juan Lagares and Nori Aoki. Ooops, I forgot, they let Aoki go.

I advocated bringing back Bruce last summer while he was still a Met. Who knows? Doing so might have cost less. Generally, if you show some love to your own players they might return the favor with a home-team discount.

However, after trying him at first base on the fly last summer because they were reluctant to bring up Smith, then trading him, Bruce has no loyalties to the Mets.

This could be Bruce’s last contract, so he’ll want to go where: 1) he’ll be paid, 2) he’ll be appreciated, and 3) he has a chance to win.

Do you see any of that happening with the Mets?


3 thoughts on “Is There A Fit Between Bruce And Mets?

  1. We won’t go after Bruce. The gm already said he is cutting payroll because we have owners with chronic $ problems.

    We will start the season with Nimmo, Lagares and someone in the outfield.

    Most likely we will have Travis as our starting catcher even though we know he is not a starter. We may have Wilmer at third even though we know he doesn’t have the arm, his glove is a joke, he has zero range but he has a bat.

    So we will sign some garbage player for $3-5 million and a reliever and call it a day.

    There will be talk about being competitive, even though we know last year we were horrible and we have nothing left in the minors after everyone got called up.