Adding To Bullpen Will Cost Mets

Even without the top-shelf names of Wade Davis and Greg Holland, the list of relievers the Mets are reportedly considering for their bullpen is pretty intriguing – and potentially expensive.

Addison Reed ($7.75 million in 2017), Luke Gregerson ($6.25 million), Bryan Shaw ($4.9 million), Mike Minor ($4 million), Brandon Kintzler ($2.9 million) and Matt Albers ($1.4 million) are sure command sizeable raises, but even more when you consider the Mets already have three relievers already at the back end of their bullpen.

Closer Jeurys Familia ($7.425 million) and AJ Ramos ($6.55 million) are arbitration eligible, and assuming they win their cases will earn at least $8.5 million, and Jerry Blevins option for $7 million has already been picked up. That already adds up to at least $24 million for three relievers, and you figure up to four more. If one of them is reportedly Shaw, who played under new Mets manager Mickey Callaway last season in Cleveland, that works in their favor.

What doesn’t is the depth in the Mets’ bullpen at the back end. Reed and Gregerson should both command over $8 million, while Shaw should get at least $7 million. Now, you’ve all followed the Mets for a long time, and do you really think they will pay at least $7 million to four or five relievers?

That’s to start. All these free-agent relievers are looking for opportunities to close, and if they are asked to sacrifice that role to come to the Mets, they likely would want to be paid like a closer in order to take a lesser role.

I’m not saying the Mets won’t add a reliever, or if any of the relievers they added in their midseason purge of their offensive power will make it, or if any of the arms currently on their roster will develop. I’m saying that knowing how the Mets do things, if they go outside the organization to add to their bullpen it will cost them.


One thought on “Adding To Bullpen Will Cost Mets

  1. No. We will get one reliever.
    The pen is but one of the issues.

    We care about the pen because we don’t have a rotation. Why do starters only go 5? And we celebrate that. El Sid was criticized because you had to watch him in the 6th. Now that is celebrated as a “quality start”.

    As important as a reliever is getting a starter. We have one pitcher who pitched well last year and his name is Jake. We hope Thor can pitch well and injury free next year and then we have question marks everyplace else.

    We seem to have one slot taken by Harvey who promises to be the worst starter in baseball for 2018. And there will be talk of Zach who has done nothing since we traded for him.

    Then there is the infield where we have no 3rd basemen, no announced starter at 2nd and the perennial question at catcher

    Oh. Yes, no certainty at any outfield position.