Free Agent Market Opens; Let The Penny-Pinching Begin

Assuming published reports are accurate and the Mets have roughly $35 million to spend this offseason, just where will the money go?

Well, since the deadline for extending a $17.4-million qualifying offer to Jose Reyes passed today – which would be half that amount – it’s safe to assume they won’t do too much this winter, at least not of the big-name variety.

REYES: No qualifying offer made. (AP)

REYES: No qualifying offer made. (AP)

From what I hear Jay Bruce might want, he’s too pricey for the Mets. So is Addison Reed, so there won’t be any reunions.

Dexter Fowler won’t happen. Mike Moustakas, Jake Arrieta, Lorenzo Cain, Wade Davis, Greg Holland, Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb, all of whom would look good in a Mets’ uniform, all received qualifying offers from their teams and have until Nov. 16 to accept. If they don’t, it’s unlikely the Mets will pursue because it would entail a compensatory draft pick.

The money the Mets figure to spend this winter will be with nine arbitration-eligible players: Jacob deGrom, Jeurys Familia, AJ Ramos and Noah Syndergaard will cost plenty; Travis d’Arnaud, Wilmer Flores, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler are all important to the Mets; Hansel Robles you can have.

That’s eight players, and it won’t be hard to figure out – since the players usually win these things – that could add up to $35 million rather quickly, especially considering they’ve already earmarked $13.5 million to pick up the options for Asdrubal Cabrera and Jerry Blevins.

So, if the reported numbers are accurate, that leaves $21.5 million left to spend in the free-agent market, but much will go to arbitration.



7 thoughts on “Free Agent Market Opens; Let The Penny-Pinching Begin

  1. Travis has done nothing
    Matt is cooked
    Zack never played
    Hansel is getting worse

    I know the gm said he will sign Matt for the millions he will be owed, but will anyone be surprised if he has a 9 era?

  2. There’s really no attractive merchandise on the bargain rack this off season that’s not just a roll of the dice. Maybe Sandy lands a reliever that over achieves. We had the pieces to win last year and won’t get comparable talent for 2018. We have to get comfortable knowing this may be a very mediocre team. If some key guys play over their head or even up to their potential then maybe, just maybe, this team can compete for a spot in the post season.

    • This will be less than mediocre
      We have one definite and maybe 2 legit starting pitchers

      We have an ok back of the bullpen with everyone else a question mark

      We have questions all around the outfield

      We hope dom can handle first
      We hope amed can handle ss
      We have no starting 2b
      We have no 3rd b
      We have perennial questions at catcher
      We have questionable depth everywhere

      If everything breaks we might make the postseason
      If we have injuries or players perform like their history we are in last place