Mets Sign Cabrera, Blevins

As expected, the Mets picked up the one-year, $8.5-million option on Asdrubal Cabrera, an indication of their lack of confidence on David Wright making a successful return from the disabled list.

Signing Cabrera also is clear indication the Mets won’t make a run at free-agent Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier.

“Asdrubal can help us all around the infield,’’ GM Sandy Alderson said in a statement. “The season didn’t end the way we wanted but that didn’t stop him from playing hard right to the very last out of the season. Asdrubal is a great tutor to our younger players and a leader in the clubhouse. We’re happy to have him back.’’

Cabrera, the Mets’ Opening Day shortstop last year, will play third and fill in at second. Cabrera, who asked to be traded last year after manager Terry Collins asked him to play second, has done an about-face.

Being injured, losing a step and your starting job, not to mention getting older will often cause a player re-evaluate his position. The Mets’ inability to trade Cabrera at the deadline also gave him an indication of what the free-agent market could be for him.

“I want to come back here because I feel this team is going to be in the playoffs again really soon,’’ Cabrera told reporters at the end of the season. “We’ve got talent.’’

Despite several stints on the disabled list last season (ligament damage in his right thumb), Cabrera hit .280 with 14 homers in 135 games.

Signing Cabrera doesn’t necessarily preclude the Mets not bringing back Jose Reyes, who is a free agent and can also play second and third, but is a better choice to back-up Rosario.

The Mets also picked up the one-year, $7-million option on lefty reliever Jerry Blevins.

“Jerry always takes the ball,’’ said Alderson. “He was a stable force in our bullpen all year long. With Jerry, the addition of AJ Ramos and having Jeurys Familia for the entire season, we feel we have the nucleus for a much-improved pen. Getting Jerry back makes me a lot more confident about the late innings as we go forward in 2018.’’

Despite the potential of the Mets’ pen, Blevins endorsed bringing back Addison Reed, who was traded to Boston in July but is a free-agent.

“I’d like to see them maybe go out and sign Addison Reed,’’ Blevins said. “We’re going to need some steady, solid arms in the bullpen next year.’’

VEGAS LIKES METS: At least one Las Vegas oddsmaker is banking on the Mets battered pitching staff being healthy next season. Bovada has the Mets at 22-1 to win the World Series, ahead of three 2017 playoff teams: Arizona (28-1), Colorado (40-1) and Minnesota (66-1).

The Mets are listed eighth, behind Houston (5-1), the Dodgers (11-2), Cleveland (15-2), Washington (10-1), Boston, the Cubs and Yankees, all at (11-1).

4 thoughts on “Mets Sign Cabrera, Blevins

  1. I doubt Wright will be able to return, but I don’t think the Cabrera option really signals anything either way on that end of things. They’d still need another infielder or two even if DW is able to play some. Keeping Cabrera is kind of the middling option that lets them get someone with experience without really committing a bunch of $/years.

    I have no interest in Frazier, but I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if the Mets do look into him. I could see them shifting Cabrera to 2b and using Frazier at 3b and/or 1b insurance if Dom struggles. I’d rather they get someone better though

  2. The Mets should go out and get a third baseman

    We have cheaper and arguably better internal options to back up amed at ss

    We still don’t have a 2b. Perhaps that will be Wilmer.

    Blevins is right about the pen

    We have Jake and hopefully Thor in the rotation and then a bunch of injured hopefuls or just hopefuls. I can see us getting some old vet who reliably gets you 200 innings.

    Our rotation died after 5 innings and the pen predictably got blown out after holding it together for about a month.

  3. 200 innings? What pitcher reached that figure last year? 200 innings is almost like the complete game, something that is talked about in hushed tones.

    • You’re right

      There are only 15 guys with 200 innings and 19 with 190

      To think Tom Seaver did it 19 Times.