Why Won’t Alderson Consider Gardenhire?

Reportedly, Ron Gardenhire is one of three finalists for the recently-vacant Boston managerial position, the obvious question must be posed: Where is he on the Mets’ radar?

Of the ten or so mostly non-descript names mentioned to replace Terry Collins – whom the Boston media also lists as a candidate – Gardenhire is clearly the most experienced and qualified possibility.

GARDENHIRE: Should be the one. (AP)

GARDENHIRE: Should be the one. (AP)

Gardenhire, a former Mets infielder, led the Minnesota Twins to six division titles, and five times won at least 90 games. His kryptonite was the Yankees.

I find it incredulous Gardenhire’s name has not been linked to the Mets, despite GM Sandy Alderson stating leadership was the prime factor he valued in a manager.

The Mets knew months ago they were moving on from Collins, and yet they aren’t any closer to hiring a manager than they were when they announced he wasn’t coming back. John Farrell was fired as Red Sox manager Wednesday, yet not two days later The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Gardenhire was a finalist.

Gardenhire is a fundamentalist, and his teams always played the game the right way, played hard and rarely beat themselves. He has been described as old-school, yet a teacher who can relate to young players. He is respected by players and opposing managers and executives.

So, why won’t Alderson give him the time of day? Is it because he’s old-school? Is it the money? Is it a losing record in the playoffs? Is Alderson afraid of a high-profile manager? Doesn’t Alderson want to win?

If Alderson is truly committed to returning the Mets to contending status, he is doing ownership, his players and New York fans a disservice by not putting a call into Gardenhire.

I’m sure he can get the number.

6 thoughts on “Why Won’t Alderson Consider Gardenhire?

  1. And why not Mr David Wright? He could be a player/manager and the insurance would still pay for him. He’s young,he’s smart and he’s a leader. From captain to manager.

  2. My guess is he is not into sabermetrics or Alderson feels he would not take orders from the front office. Or it could be money.

  3. We have no idea if the Mets had any internal discussion on Gardenhire.
    The Astros hired a non-descript manager A.J. Hinch and he is doing a great job.
    If the rumors are true that Alex Cora is a finalist , he is a little busy at the moment.

  4. That the only name that you can complain about. How do you know that new blood can’t be great managers. Maybe Gardenhire is bwhind the times. Maybe he and Alderson don’t get along. You have no reason to complain about who is getting a shot. You don’t know how they will do