ALDS Highlight Many Differences Between Mets And Yankees

With Cleveland – and with it, Jay Bruce – eliminated from the playoffs, I’m guessing the worst possible World Series scenario for Mets fans would be the Yankees against the Nationals.

Mets fans clearly hate the Yankees for reasons we can all understand and embrace, and which was reinforced by their ALDS win over the Indians and define the differences of the franchises:

NO QUIT MENTALITY: After losing the first two games to Cleveland, the Yankees rallied to win the next three. Yes, 2015 was a magical year, but outside of that season that’s a characteristic we haven’t often seen from the Mets. We certainly didn’t see it in 2017.

FRONT OFFICE AGGRESSIVENESS: Despite already exceeding expectations at the deadline, Yankees GM Brian Cashman didn’t rest on the presumption it was already a successful season. The Yankees might have gotten by not doing anything at the deadline, but Cashman brought in third baseman Todd Frazier, and relievers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle. Cashman also added Sonny Gray, although the early returns haven’t been good. You don’t need to be reminded what Mets GM Sandy Alderson did.

SUPPORTING THE MANAGER: Yankees manager Joe Girardi had an awful time in Game 2, but his team rallied behind him and he said “they had my back.’’ Nobody can say the Mets had Terry Collins’ back, especially Yoenis Cespedes, Matt Harvey and all those unnamed sources in the Newsday article.

THE BULLPEN: The difference in the Yankees’ bullpen compared to that of the Mets is roughly the same separation of that between Ohio State and Rutgers. The Yankees might have the best pen remaining in the playoffs and could translate into another title.

YOUNG STUDS: Michael Conforto is the best the Mets have to offer, while Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith are unproven. Meanwhile, the Yankees’ farm system has produced Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Aaron Hicks. Judge struck out 16 times in 24 plate appearances against the Indians, but I’m willing to bet he’ll be much better against the Astros.

STARTING PITCHING: Can we officially dismiss the notion the Mets have the best rotation – young or otherwise – in baseball? The Mets don’t even have the best rotation in New York, although I’m taking Jacob deGrom before any Big Apple pitcher.

REPLACING ICONS: Not long after Derek Jeter retired the Yankees made the aggressive trade for Didi Gregorius, who homered twice against Corey Kluber in Game 5. Meanwhile, David Wright has played in only 75 games over the past three years. The Mets’ contingency plan is Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera.

VETERAN PRESENCE: They are called the Baby Bombers, but the Yankees might not be here without Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury and C.C. Sabathia. The Mets’ veterans? Well, Wright is recovering from surgery and the other vets were dealt at the deadline for a handful of non-descript pitching prospects.

OWNERSHIP: George is gone, but the Steinbrenner family is far more aggressive than Fred and Jeff Wilpon. Not even close.

If they were in the same division, the Mets would be 20 games behind the Yankees. That means Alderson has a lot of work ahead of him.

3 thoughts on “ALDS Highlight Many Differences Between Mets And Yankees

  1. Not that I am defending the choices of my awful team but…

    Front office – other than the year we got yoenis and a few players from Atlanta we haven’t done much. Yes. We did get reed which was a nice pickup

    Manager – if yoenis attacked Terry we get what we paid for. Sandy never criticized him for fear of angering him when he should have benched him multiple times. Matt has no standing as right now he isn’t even a AA pitcher.

    Pen – while I agree the yank pen is better, when healthy we should be ok.

    Young studs – yes their young players are good. But this year they benched Sanchez because of terrible defense and last year judge wasn’t very good. I think amed can be very good and dom is supposed to be a good hitter. This year with a low avg he hit with men on base.

    Pitching – I still think jake and Thor are very good. Steve seems to have lived up to the fear he is hurt. Matt is useless or worse and wheeler has never done a thing.

    Icons – we should have replaced David 2 years ago. We didn’t last year and won’t this year.

    Veterans – we have none.

    Ownership – this should have been first. It starts at the top and the head needs to be amputated to fix our problems

  2. I love the comparisons! Why can’t the Mets just get it right? Instead diehards will say but we made it to the world series only 2 years ago!! Alderson dismantled this team let’s see how he rebuilds it. It will start with the manager.

    • We won’t have nearly the same team. Our pitchers are all hurt , they weren’t 2 years ago. We had competition and fire 2 years ago and there is not much competition now.

      I think we got lucky 2 years ago and having a hot legit hitter to complement yoenis helps. He is gone.

      I agree if the stars align etc, but we have legit concerns in the rotation ( half of it ) and no one whatsoever to man 3rd and questions on 2/3 of the outfield. Oh and the perennial who’s catching