Mets Matters: Good Minor League News; Don’t Count On Girardi

Call it good news that the Mets purchased the Syracuse Chiefs of the International League, and in two years they will become their new Triple-A affiliate.

That leaves two more years of flying prospects to and from Las Vegas, which they have been doing since 2013. Prior to that, they were affiliated with Buffalo for four seasons, but that relationship soured because the Mets didn’t do enough promotions, such as playing exhibition games there.

Before Buffalo, the Mets were affiliated with New Orleans for two years, and prior to that with Norfolk/Tidewater since 1969.

GIRARDI NOT COMING: Of course, hiring Joe Girardi would be a no-brainer should the Yankees be foolish enough to fire him after the playoffs.

Girardi’s four-year contract expires at the end of this season.

Girardi is everything the Mets would want in a manager, but the same applies to the Yankees.

Of course, the Yankees could low-ball Girardi the way they did Joe Torre and he could walk away.

The Yankees have overachieved this year and by most accounts are one to two years ahead of schedule. So, regardless of what happens tomorrow night in Cleveland, why wouldn’t the Yankees want him back?

NO PROBLEMS WITH NATIONALS WINNING: I have no problems with the Nationals reaching the World Series. Actually, that would be in the best interest of the Mets.

Should the Nationals get to the Series it would be a wake-up call to GM Sandy Alderson as to how far the Mets have to go.


3 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Good Minor League News; Don’t Count On Girardi

  1. It’s about time the Mets left Vegas. Maybe now they’ll get a slightly better gauge on some.of their young talent. I think they over value some of the guys due to their bloated numbers in the desert of the PCL.
    As for the Nationals… I don’t think anything will motivate Sandy. He’s known all along how good they are and he hasn’t even tried to keep up. He’s always thought the wild card was good enough to satisfy the fans – once again a low rent option instead of the top shelf prize. We are all waiting to see who he hires to replace Terry and for some reason I think many of us will be dissapointed with his decision. Not that he will choose an unworthy candidate (most of the choices are qualified) but will it be the perfect fit for this team (as a leader) or will it be the perfect fit for Sandy (a “yes” man just happy to get an opportunity!)

  2. Why not? Syracuse Chiefs were the first Mets AAA team in 1962. They went 53-101. After that, they went to Buffalo.

    I don’t see Girardi coming here at all unless he decides he has had enough of the Bronx pressure cooker after a decade. But he should get a big contract from the Steinbrenners, the people who follow the minors say they have plenty of young talent and big contracts are coming off the books.

    Is Farrell from Boston a viable candidate or as one writer said, everything good or bad about him is “yes, but”?

    I suppose I would like a Gnats vs Colt .45s World series as Houston has never won and Washington only in 1925