Mets’ Dismal Managerial Search

A show of hands please, who is exactly blown away by the Mets’ managerial search?

“Right now, we have a very long list,’’ GM Sandy Alderson said this week. “We will have it shortened after we have had internal discussions, and then talks with people outside the organization to make sure we have a list that is all inclusive and go from there.’’

GIRARDI: Mets should be so lucky. (AP)

GIRARDI: Mets should be so lucky. (AP)

The Mets’ current list stands at seven, which really means there’s no top candidate. Seriously, if you have seven choices you really have none. The list includes Robin Ventura, Kevin Long, Alex Cora, Joe McEwing, Sandy Alomar Jr.,, Bob Geren and Chip Hale.

From that group, who blows you away?

When Alderson said after the season those minor leaguers promoted at the end of the season – notably Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith – had holes in their game, had to make one wonder why they won’t consider Wally Backman.

Alderson’s first managerial search after the 2010 season which resulted in the hiring of Terry Collins lasted three weeks and there’s no reason to believe this one will last any shorter.

From that above group, only Ventura has had any success, and it was minimal at best, going 375-435 (.463) in five seasons with the Chicago White Sox (2012-2016). He had only one winning year, going 85-77 in his first season.

Of course, things can change, but there’s nothing on Ventura’s resume that suggests that will happen.

YANKEES FANS BACK TO NORMAL: By all accounts, the Yankees exceeded all expectations this season to reach the AL playoffs as a wild-card.

It’s premature to say the Yankees are back, but their fan base was in championship entitlement form this morning after listening to the radio call-in shows this morning, many calling for the manager’s head.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi was roasted for several decisions, beginning with pulling C.C. Sabathia after 77 pitches, but most notably for not using a challenge in the bottom of the sixth when plate umpire Dan Iassogna ruled Chad Green’s pitch clipped hitter Lonnie Chisenhall’s hand and not the bat knob as television replays did.

Chisenhall went to first to load the bases and set up Francisco Lindor’s grandslam, which pulled the Indians within 8-7.

After the game, Girardi said he didn’t challenge because he didn’t want to disrupt Green’s rhythm. It was clearly a panic response, one Girardi retracted today at Yankee Stadium.

“I screwed up,’’ Girardi told reporters today. “It’s a hard day for me, but I’ve got to move forward. … I feel horrible. Does it change the complexion of the game? Sure, it could have. … It’s a tough loss, a tough situation.’’

Girardi, of course, was ripped on social media, which was to be expected because Twitter and Instagram are the wild, wild west. However, what Girardi shouldn’t have had to endure was to get roasted by one of his own players.

Aroldis Chapman, who last year criticized how Cubs manager Joe Maddon used him in the World Series, liked an Instagram post that read: “Let’s hope Joe Girardi’s contract is not renewed after this season. He is a complete imbecile.’’

Chapman, of course, is blessed with the million-dollar arm but a 10-cent head. Here’s hoping the Yankees have the guts to fine him. The Yankees will bring back Girardi, who is a Manager of the Year candidate, but if they don’t the Mets should jump on him.

Chapman reportedly apologized, but what does it matter if it is already out there?

Reportedly, lost in all this is had Girardi challenged, it wouldn’t have been a called third strike, but the pitch would have to be replayed.


9 thoughts on “Mets’ Dismal Managerial Search

  1. Mr David Wright! Please Mr Alderson, consider it. Give him an interview, maybe he’ll blow your socks off. Some how I doubt Bob Geren does.

  2. Look at the bright side at least Collins is gone. How many relievers did he burn out? How many games did he lose with his incessant pitching changes? Pitching automatically improves with him gone. How many younger players get a chance to play and how may fading veterans who can’t play defense lose playing time. It’s addition by subtraction.

  3. We have a manager search? Who knew?

    As for amed and dom. Who’s fault is it they have holes in their game? I wonder.

  4. All Sandy is looking for is the best “yes” man he can find. Thus isn’t Oakland and there will be no Tony LaRussa’s to be found in this search. Super Joe McEwing?? What was so super about a light hitting utility guy. Ok, ok, I know lousy players can make great managers but surely we can do better than Joe. This team needs someone they respect and not get away with all the crap they did with Terry this past year. Guys like Cespedes can destroy a clubhouse faster than one of his exit velocity dingers! With guys like Wright and Bruce out of the picture it quickly becomes a free for all as it did the second half. The Mets need a strong leader and someone these guys can relate to. Not another Sandy hack. My choice – since my options are limited – would be Geren or Ventura.

  5. So I am reading that sandy is open to hiring the mgr across town if his team doesn’t want him

    That the Mets can justify a large contract because of the splash it would make.

    So apparently the team won’t keep good players because they cost too much ( dan Murphy, Jay Bruce ) but are willing to pay for a marquee mgr because it would spill ink

  6. Sounds like Alderson is acting like Girardi’s agent and spreading rumors the Mets will sign him. You KNOW the Yankees do not want the Mets, above all teams except maybe Boston, to get the better of them. It will also help Alderson hiring an unknown or “meh” manager -hey, we tried to get a top manager but he would not come.